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Vitamix Dry Container and 2 Big Reasons to Purchase it

Vitamix Dry Container and 2 Big Reasons to Purchase it


What is the Vitamix Dry Container

The Vitamix Dry Container is a special container made by Vitamix which is specifically made for grinding hard grains into flour and powder. It’s a convenient small-sized 32 ounce container that has 2 dull blades that lay flat and 2 sharp blades that are slightly tilted upwards, the result of this design is that it forces hard grains into the sides of the Vitamix Dry Container so they fall back onto the blades causing all ingredients in the Vitamix Dry Container to go through the blades resulting in fantastic consistency.

The 2 Dull blades pulverize the grains down and work well with the two sharp blades to give you a great consistency everytime. The Vitamix Dry Container can fit on any of the Vitamix Legacy G Series Blender Models, the NEWER Ascent Vitamix Blender Models, and the older C Series Vitamix blender models such as the Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 5200.

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Vitamix Dry Container and 2 Reasons you should get one

Vitamix Dry ContainerThe main two reasons to purchase the Special Vitamix Dry Container is, ONE, if you do a lot of grinding, this goes for coffee beans, flours, oats, tree nuts, wheat berries, granulated sugar, the Vitamix sharp blades will eventually become dull and your Vitamix Container will get scratched and become cloudy!

TWO, if you use the same Vitamix Container for grinding then it will wear down faster because grinding hard grains has more wear and tear on your container vs a smoothie or juice, but if you have a separate Vitamix Dry Container for grinding grains then you will save the longevity of your Vitamix Container which you use for your smoothies, hot soups, ice creams, and juices.

It is a small extra cost to go with your already expensive Vitamix purchase but you will save the longevity of life of your wet Vitamix Container by not grinding dry grains in it.

Vitamix Container Warranty and Durability

With the purchase of a Vitamix Dry Container you will get a 3 year warranty on the container which includes damage to the blade or jar, unlikely but in case it should happen. If the container becomes damaged call Vitamix and tell them the reason you need a new container and they will ship one out. You will have to ship the container to Vitamix then when they receive the damaged container and inspect it, they will ship you a new one. Vitamix has loyal and great reputation for good customer service and their employees are phone responsive to your needs and questions.

The number to call is 1 800 Vitamix

You can order a Vitamix Dry Container here.

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