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Vitamix C Series 5200 vs C Series 6300 vs G Series 750 REVIEW

Vitamix C Series 5200 vs C Series 6300 vs G Series 750 REVIEW


Vitamix Blender Review

Frank Musa, The Daily Vitamin, Blend Off, Blendoff, Blend offs, blend offs,Hi, my name is Frank Musa, I’m the producer of The Blend Offs. This is a review of the Vitamix C Series 5200 vs Vitamix C Series 500 vs Vitamix G Series 750. If you have any questions about how the Vitamix blenders compare or questions on recipes, please leave your comments below.

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Certified Reconditioned Vitamix Blenders

All of these durable Vitamix blenders are offered as Certified Reconditioned models. This is an absolute steal of a deal and well worth it, especially considering that they come with standard 5-year warranties and the option to extend by an additional three years for only $75. The prices range from $329 for the 5200 to $349 for the 6300 and up to $519 for the 750.

So, what exactly does ‘Certified Reconditioned’ mean? They are models that have been returned to the factory with some use. This can be either consumer, demo (the guy at Costco, Whole Foods, etc. blending recipes for you to try), or trade show use. Vitamix puts them through a rigorous 17-point inspection to certify the machine’s performance, then two additional quality control inspections before being shipped. Not every machine passes inspection. Just one significant scratch on the base, an unusual sound from the motor, or a date stamp more than two years old will automatically disqualify it. Any component that does not pass inspection is replaced with a brand new part. If a part cannot be replaced, the entire unit is recycled. Certified Reconditioned is great for anyone looking to purchase their first high-powered blender and doesn’t have a ton of money.

The Break Down..

The Vitamix 5200 is our #1 pick. It’s great for anyone just starting out with a high-power blender and not a lot of money to spend. The Vitamix 6300 is great if you want to create consistent recipes or aren’t great at cooking and rely heavily on presets. The Vitamix 750 is good if you want the Vitamix 6300, but with the option for under-counter storage and a quieter motor.

There is an additional $50 cost for the brushed stainless steel color option for all models.

best blender, vitamix 5200, 5200, vitamix, vita mix, vita-mix, blender models, high power blender, high end blenders, vitamix, vita mix, vita-mix, c series, c, class, c class, vitamix c series, best blenders, blenders, blender, vitamix blender, features, feature, interface, control, controls, settings, dial, speeds, speed, speed dial, speed settings, speed, blender model, commercial blender,The Vitamix 5200 comes in four different tiers for different lifestyles. The differences simply lie in the accessories included with each package. The four packages are: Deluxe, Healthy Lifestyle, Compact Container and Standard. Each, going up in price, offers more or different accessories, such as ‘Dry Goods’ container, spatulas, cutting boards and cookbooks. These offerings are really ideal for specific needs. If you have a large family and do quite a bit of blending, including making homemade flour, you want to buy the Deluxe Complete Kitchen at $649. If you want to still grind grains but don’t want quite as many accessories, the Super Healthy Lifestyle at $549 is ideal. For the same motor power, but the ability to store under-counter, the Compact Container is the way to go at $449. If you’re looking for the standard 5200 model with no accessories, the Getting Started package is your best bet, also at $449.

Vitamix C Serires, C, C Series, 500, C 500, Vitamix 500, Vitamix 6300, 6300, automatic settings, feature, features, interface, user interface, control, controls, settings, blender models, best blender, vs, vs., vitamix, vita-mix, vita mix, vitamix 500, vitamix blender, blenders, commercial blender, high power blender, high end blenders, juice shop, smoothie shop, smoothie blender, best blender, dial, speed, speeds, speed dial,In deciding between the 5200 and the 6300, you simply must decide whether presets are helpful enough for you. Pre-programmed settings are typically great for people who like to follow recipes precisely, may not be 100% confident in using a high-powered blender, or who may want to do other food prep while blending. If this is your case, the 6300 would be the best bet. It runs at $649.

When wondering whether to purchase the 750, the simplest way to decide is to ask yourself these questions. Is under-counter storage important to me? Is a 40-50% noise reduction important to me? Do I think I’d use the presets very often? Is a small improvement in motor torque important? If you answered any of these questions with a ‘yes’ then you will want to look into purchasing the 750. Vitamix took all the great things from the 6300 and made some additional improvements. The Vitamix 750 can be bought for $639.

Vitamix 750, vitamix g series, g, series, g series, vitamix, vita mix, vita-mix, blender, blenders, blender models, best blender, quiet, quietest blender, best blender, commercial blender, high end blenders, high power blender, vs, vs., 750, control, controls, settings, feature, features, interface, speed dial, dial, speed, speeds, function, functions, automatic, blender, blenders, smoothie blender, best, high power, vitamix 750, 750, g,Vitamix, known as one of the leading blender manufacturers in the world, offers a wide variety different blender packages for anyone or any lifestyle. To understand how Vitamix came to be one of the leading blender makers worldwide, you should know some of their history. Vitamix has been run by the same family for almost 80 years. William Grover Barnard, Vitamix’s founder, began selling kitchen products around the country as a result of the Great Depression’s economic challenges. His interest in whole-food nutrition flourished after helping a friend through an illness. All put together, he eventually introduced a new product, the blender, in 1937 and aptly named it ‘Vita-Mix’ because ‘vita’ means ‘life.’ The now-profitable business name was changed to ‘Vita-Mix Corporation’ in 1964 after being passed down one generation. In 1969, the second generation owner introduced the Vitamix 3600, the first blender that could make hot soup, blend ice cream, grind grain, and knead bread dough. His wife created hundreds of recipes for healthy alternatives to the foods their family loved. Fast forward two decades later, the next generation in the family used their engineering backgrounds to make significant improvements to the performance and durability of the Vitamix product line. In 1985, they also introduced the first Vitamix commercial blender, establishing Vitamix as the first high-performance blender in the foodservice industry.

With this knowledge of the company’s rich history, you can understand why they have so many options to choose from — currently at a count of 28. After almost a century of experience in the business, they know what works. That, combined with the modern-day shift to healthier lifestyles and eating habits, Vitamix is keeping up with demand.

Their ‘Classic Blenders,’ known as the C-Series are similar in design to models dating back to 1992, known as the ‘Total Nutrition Center.’ The general design includes a standard square base with center dial and a switch on either side of the dial, as well as a 13.4-inch tall pitcher. Many improvements were made to the ‘Total Nutrition Center’ to come to the design of the C-Series, while keeping the overall size the same.

Vitamix’s ‘Next Generation Blenders’ known as the G-Series are yet another improvement to the Vitamix line. It can be considered a step up from the C-Series. With these Vitamix has improved the sound, torque, size and look to make the blenders even more appealing and user-friendly. They have listened to customer feedback from the C-Series, and G-Series is a result of that.

Within the C-Series line, their two top sellers are the 5200 and 6300 models. The 5200 includes a total of five different packages: Certified Reconditioned, Standard, Compact Container, Super, or Deluxe. The Certified Reconditioned model is essentially a brand new blender with limited previous use. The other four are the exact same blender but with different extra accessories included in the box to accommodate a wide number of lifestyles and needs. The 6300 is offered only as a Certified Reconditioned model and a brand new model. There are no tiered package options with accessories for the 6300.

The top seller and newest full-size blender offered by Vitamix is the 750 model within the G-Series line. It comes as a Certified Reconditioned or new model with no tiered package options with accessories. As with the C-Series models, extra accessories, such as spatulas, a ‘Dry Container,’ a filtration bag, or additional cookbooks can be purchased for the 750.

Vitamix motor, blender motor, motor, vitamix, vita mix, vita-mix, power, Motor – The C-Series machines, which include the Vitamix 5200 and 6300 models, are propelled by a 2-peak horsepower (120 volt, 60 Hz 11.5 amps) motor. It is very powerful and will blend any ingredients into a smooth, pourable mixture that can be sipped easily through a straw. The G-Series motor, which you will find in the Vitamix 750, has been completely redesigned from the earlier model. This new motor boasts a 2.2-peak horsepower (120 volt, 50/60 Hz 12 amps) performance. As with all Vitamix machines, the motors come equipped with an Automatic Overload Protection feature that shuts the machine off for a specific period of time in the event of an overload. A radial cooling motor and thermal protection system are in place for protection.

Controls – The 5200 model comes with no presets, making it perfect for for the most autonomous user. Vitamix has added three pre-programmed controls to the 6300. These include frozen desserts, smoothies and soups. So, the 6300 is great for someone looking for the machine that’s a hybrid of sorts — with presets, but also other variable controls. The Vitamix 750 comes with two additional pre-programmed options for even more walk-away convenience. In total you can make smoothies, purees, frozen desserts and soups with the presets on the 750. There is also a self-cleaning option so the cleaning is done with no effort on your part. The 750 is really the crème de la crème, the best of what Vitamix offers. This blender is ideal for someone looking to do the least amount of work with the most flexibility.

Vitamix pulse, pulse, pulsing, pulsating, blend, blends, vitamix, vita mixThe Pulse Switch – The 5200 does not come equipped with a pulse switch. This can be considered a shortcoming because the pulse switch truly allows the user to perfect the blend so that they achieve very precise results. The 6300 and 750 models both have the pulse switch. This makes each a better option, especially since the pulse switch is a time-saving tool to have. Without the pulse switch, one must stop and start the variable control knob to achieve similar results. For this reason, the pulse switch can really be considered the secret to perfecting Vitamix recipes. It’s also handy for functional control, helping dislodge food that may be stuck in the container. The pulse switch on both the 6300 and 750 have ‘soft touch’ coating, which prevents slippage of wet fingers and is easy to clean.

vitamix blender, features, controls, 750, g series,10-Speed Control – Each of these machines comes with the 10-speed (variable) control. Simply put, this gives the user 100% flexibility to create whatever consistency they’re looking for. Everything from wet chopping soft veggies to blending a pourable smoothie from hard veggies can be done using the variable control. The options are endless. This knob can be combined with any of the presets and/or the pulse function for even more flexibility. Both the 5200 and 6300 models have the classic control knob design, which has been used for years on early model machines. It is finished with a ‘soft touch’ coating. The new 750 control knob is much a more elegant design. In fact the 750 is the only model in Vitamix’s assortment of 28 blenders to have this special dial detail. It performs the same as before, just with a sleeker look.

Size and Weight – One major selling point that Vitamix has missed with the C-Series is the under-counter storage capability. This is because most cabinets are installed 18-19 inches above countertops, making counter storage impossible for most Vitamix blenders. But, they’ve done some R&D to make the 750 better and more user-friendly in this department. The total height of the 750 with the container in place is 17.5 inches so owners can easily push them under cabinets in between uses. The Vitamix 750 requires a surface area 9.4-inches deep and 7.7-inches wide. It weighs 12.5 pounds.

The 5200 Compact Container stands 17.4-inches tall and will fit also under the cabinet area. All other blenders in the C-Series use the 64-ounce container, which stand 20.5-inches tall with the container on the base and will not fit under-counter. The blender base for all C-Series models requires 7.25-inches wide and 8.75-inches deep of counter space. All C-Series models weigh 10.9 pounds.

Blendtec Noise, noise, blendtec, noisy, blendtech, total blender, classic,Noise – Another major selling point for the Vitamix 750 is its reduced sound when running on high. Vitamix states that noise reduction from those in the C-Series category have ranged from 40% to 50%. This is due to the newly-designed motor. Which brings us to the Vitamix 5200 and 6300 models. These machines emit a loud sound when running on high. This is to be expected with two horsepowers on your kitchen counter. Any blender will be loud, s0 this is no surprise. Vitamix has recommended placing a mouse pad underneath for reduced countertop noise vibration. We don’t find the noise necessarily a bother, considering that blending is only done in very short, quick bursts of time.

Cord – All Vitamix blenders are outfitted with a 6-foot, 3-prong power cord. This cord is thicker and more durable than most small appliance cords. Under each machine, the cord wraps securely around the plastic motor cover and is kept in place by flexible, plastic cord retainers. This makes keeping the counter clean and portability very easy. The only drawback is that the metal underside of the machine scratches easily from the cord prong.

low pro, vitamix, container, containers, low profile, vitamix, vita mix, vita-mix, low profile, vitamix, vitamix containerContainer – All Vitamix containers are made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan® copolyester. Marked on each container are measurements: one side in ounces (up to 68) and cups (up to 8 ½), and on the other side milliliters (up to 200) and liters (up to 2). A “Max” fill line is marked at 68 oz. (8 ½ cups), although the container holds 80 oz. (10 cups). Each container is clear so you can conveniently see when the desired consistency has been reached. The one down side with using a clear container is that the plastic may scratch and become cloudy over time. A ‘no drip’ spout sits opposite the handle with a ‘soft touch’ rubber coating to prevent slippage from wet hands or the weight of the contents. None of the containers are dishwasher safe.

The 64-ounce container with the C-Series blenders stands 13.4-inches. The 48-ounce Compact Container stands 10.25-inches tall. The 32-ounce container that comes with the Super and Deluxe packages stands 9.8-inches. With the 750, the newly-designed 64-ounce container stands 10.125-inches.

Functionally, the low-profile design of the 750 container is superior to the C-Series containers. It allows for more stabilization on the motor base while blending. This is because the weight distribution is wider and therefore leaves less probability for tipping or rocking due to height. While the C-Series containers have a very durable handle, the 750 container’s new handle has been ergonomically-designed for enhanced gripping and pouring, as well as easier cleaning. The new handle doesn’t make as much of a difference as the new height.

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Vitamix Blade – Vitamix places laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill blades in all of its containers. The size and type of container determine exactly which blade will be used. The 64-ounce container comes with four 5200 models and the 6300 model, the 48-ounce comes in the 5200 Compact Container and the 32-ounce with the 5200 Deluxe package. All use a 3-inch blade. The ‘Dry Grains’ container, which comes with the 5200 Super and Deluxe packages, comes with a special blade measuring 2.8-inches, designed for efficient processing of dry grains into flour. The shorter, wider container used with the 750 model comes with a newly designed 4-inch blade. Each different blade ensures a consistent blend or chop every time.

Vitamix, lid, vitamix lidVitamix Lid – Vitamix lids are superior to other high-power blender lids in that they secure better and are easier to clean. Each spill-proof, rubber Vitamix lid comes with a removable, BPA-free plastic plug for easily and safely adding ingredients while the machine is running. The lid hole acts as a great ventilator for steam and heat when preparing soups. As a dual-function tool, the plastic plug doubles as a small measuring cup for liquid ingredients, marked at 1 and 2 oz. on one side, and 30 and 60 ml. on the other. An internal lip allows the lid to rest on the container and two easy-to-move tabs on the outer side “grab” an outer container lip for a super secure fit. The 750 lid follows the same basic design but has been widened to accommodate the new, wider pitcher. The redesign also includes enhanced tabs on the lid. None of the lid components from any of the benders should be placed in the dishwasher.

tamper, vitamix, vitamix tamper, vita mix, vita-mix, vitamix, tamper, tampers, stick, blending stick,Vitamix Tamper – Vitamix includes tampers with all their blenders to assist with blending thicker, denser ingredients such as peanut butter. They also help push food down that toward the blades that may be lodged in the container and break up air pockets. Each container comes with a tamper fitted to its size. The 64-ounce containers come with a standard sized tamper and all other shorter containers, including the Vitamix 750, come with a mini-tamper which prevents it from hitting the blades. None of the BPA-free tampers should be placed in the dishwasher.

Vitamix Performance

vitamix, vita mix, vita-mix, blender, blenders, vitamix blender, vitamix ice cream, ice cream, cream, ice, blender ice cream, vitamix ice cream, recipes, ice cream recipes, Ice Creams – Making ice cream and sorbet couldn’t be easier than with the Vitamix. Or more tasty. The upside here is that you essentially get a ice cream maker with your blender. Both the 6300 and 750 have an ice cream preset, where the 5200 does not. This preset is more handy than some of the other presets, as users may have a tendency to over-blend when making ice cream. It’s such a simple, quick process and some may think it requires more effort than necessary. It can also be tricky when making ice cream in large batches due to the slow motor speed required. So, the preset function takes all the guess work out of that and whips up a frozen, delectable treat with no effort on your part. Just throw frozen ingredients in the machine and turn the knob to the frozen desserts preset. The reason why Vitamix ice cream making is ideal is because processing is so fast there is no time for melting, so the mixture essentially refreezes itself. All in all, the ice cream preset is a great function to have.

vitamix juicer, juicer, juicing, vita mix, vitamix, Juicing – All of Vitamix’s blenders are manufactured to make a stellar juice. The only downside is that they contain pulp. If you’re looking for pulp-less, simply separate the juice using a strainer or filtration bag (available through www.vitamix.com for $14.95) and set the pulp aside for another use. The upside to using a blender to make juice is that it will give you more liquid than if using a juicer. In fact, soft fruits and veggies end up in the compost container of a juicer and not in your juice, even when processed on low speed with a juicer. Juicers are made for harder vegetables, such as carrots, celery and beets. The puree function on the Vitamix 750 can be used for making juices, everything will turn into a pourable mixture for you without any effort on your part. But, pureeing with any Vitamix is easy because you can see the consistency through the transparent plastic container. For this reason, the puree function may become dormant over time, rendering it useless.


Vitamix Soups, soup recipes, blender soup, blender, blenders, soup, soups, vitamix, vita mix, vita-mix, vitamix soup recipes, soup recipes, Soups – Another highly recommended use of the Vitamix is to make soups. Once you use a Vitamix to make soup, you will never go back to a pot on the stove again. If any pre-cooking is required, such as broccoli, onions, garlic, etc., that can be done beforehand. Soups can be made in all of the machines, although only the 6300 and 750 have soup presets. This pre-programmed function is highly recommended, as many people are afraid of ‘overusing’ and burning up the blender because of the long process time required. Once all ingredients are put into the container, it takes about five minutes for your soup to be ready (remove the lid beforehand to vent). When using the preset, just turn the knob and walk away. The machine will stop when finished. If not using a preset, stand with your blender on high until there is steam billowing out of the lid (remove the plug at around two minutes to begin venting). The Vitamix can bring ingredients to boiling in 4-6 minutes because the blade speed builds a friction heat. Using the drip-proof spout, pour your soupstraight from the container to serving bowls.



Vitamix Flour, flours, flour, vitamix, vita mix,Grinding Grains – Grinding grains is easily done with all Vitamix blenders simply because they are very powerful machines. Yes you can use the ‘wet’ container which will do a stellar job, but we highly recommend investing in a ‘Dry Goods’ container for long-term use. Very hard items like grains will pit and scratch the inside of the container near the blades. This will scar the container to create a cloudy appearance, as well as create scratches that make the container more likely to hold smells. This can become an unsanitary mess and leave your ‘wet’ container useless over time. We prefer to avoid the potential risks and invest in a ‘Dry Goods’ container for grinding. Grinding is recommended for any hard, dry food such as coffee beans, beans, lentils, oats, rice, wheat berries, seeds and nuts. With the ‘Dry Goods’ container, you will come away with a fine flour that is perfect for baking and cooking.

Vitamix chopping, vitamix food processor, food processor, food processing, vitamix, vita mix, vita, chopping, processor, processing, vitamix, Chopping – Whether doing wet and dry chopping, Vitamix has you covered. Each machine is different in the amount of creative control you have when doing chopping, which is one thing that you want to consider when purchasing. Using the 5200, you can definitely control the size of chop you achieve using the variable control dial. The only limitation is not having a pulse function, which is super handy when going for a precise result. With the 6300 and 750, you have the most creative control given the combination of a pulse function and variable controls. What sets the 750 apart from the 6300 is its more powerful motor. If you’re looking for the very best chop, go with the 750.

  • Wet chopping is great for breaking large pieces down into smaller shreds or pieces. Wet chopping can also be done on wet or moist foods that you want in chopped form with no water added, such as salsa or soft cheeses. Dry chopping consists of dry ingredients such as nuts, parmesan cheese, coffee beans and dried herbs. A word of caution: if too much dry chopping is done, the container could easily scratch or become cloudy, which is why we recommend buying the ‘Dry Goods’ container.

Mixing – A gap in Vitamix’s design of machines has long been with mixing. Other high-power blenders on the market will mix all ingredients in the container from start to finish. Not so with the Vitamix. You must blend the wet ingredients first, then pour in a mixing bowl overtop the mixed dry ingredients. Followed by mixing thoroughly with a spoon or hand mixer. This two-part process should be followed when creating doughs or batters that require leavening ingredients or flours.

vita mix, vitamix, smoothie, smoothies, smoothie recipe, smoothie recipes, blender, vitamix smoothie, vitamix smoothie recipes, green smoothie, green smoothies, blender smoothie, smoothie blender, Smoothies – You will get a premium quality smoothie with any of these models. As one of the leading high-power blenders on the market, Vitamix designs all blenders with the ability to quickly puree hard and soft ingredients into a smooth, drinkable mixture. The difference between these three machines lies in whether you wish to use presets. The 5200 doesn’t have a smoothie preset, so you’re on your own as far as how long you want to blend and the consistency you end up with. This can be nice if you like to explore different blends on your own. With the Vitamix 6200 and 750 presets, smoothies essentially make themselves with the touch of button. The only shortcoming is that it may not work the same on all recipes, such as hard carrots versus bananas. However, if you follow recipes religiously that are repeatedly made using the preset, the 6200 and 750 make your life super easy. Just put all ingredients in and walk away until it’s finished blending. Also, the presets are ideal for anyone who is new to the Vitamix and not sure how long to blend ingredients. The downside to having pre-programmed functions (and paying more for them) is that over time they may become under-used as user confidence grows. Most people like to experiment and deviate from recipes after owning them for a while, often just blending to taste.

vitamix cleaning, clean, cleaning, vitamix, vita mix, Easy Cleaning – All Vitamix blenders are known for being easy to clean. Simply add some warm water and a drop of dish soap to the container, secure the lid and run on high for 30 seconds. It couldn’t be any easier. Not only is the Vitamix 750 easy to clean, it will clean itself using the preset. After adding water and soap, turn the knob to the ‘self cleaning’ function and it will stop when finished. This feature is nice to have but definitely not necessary as it’s easy to manually stop the blender after 30 seconds.

Vitamix Warranty

vita mix, vitamix, vita-mix, warranty, vitamix warranty, full warrantyVitamix Warranty – Each Vitamix blender comes with a standard warranty. All new blenders come with a 7-year warranty. With the exception of the new 6300, they also come with an option to purchase an additional three years for $75 giving you a 10-year extended warranty. All Certified Reconditioned models come with a 5-year standard warranty and the option to purchase an 8-year extended warranty $75. As with all machines, Vitamix will replace any defective item within the warranty period without question. We think purchasing a Certified Reconditioned machine is the best deal. The only catch is that Certified Reconditioned models are strictly available to US residents. If you have access to a USA shipping address you can place a phone order by calling the Vitamix phone number at 800-848-2649.

  • If you’re looking to purchase the 6300 model, the Certified Reconditioned model is by far the best deal and here’s why. A new 6300 only comes with a 7-year warranty and gives you no option to extend it to 10 years. You’ll pay $649 for a new model. A Certified Reconditioned 6300 comes with a 5-year warranty with the option to extend it to 8 years for $75. The blender itself costs $349. So, by purchasing the Certified Reconditioned, you’ll have an additional year of warranty on a 6300 while saving $225. Pretty sweet deal, right?
  • All Certified Reconditioned machine labels will reflect whichever used model is available at the time of purchase, but will not effect the performance or durability of the machine. The Standard 5200 model may reflect the 5200, CIA™ Professional Series®, Creations® II, Creations® GC, Professional Series® 200, Total Nutrition Center®, or TurboBlend® VS. The 6300 model can be any of the following machines: Professional Series® 500, 6300 or TNC3. The Professional Series® 750™, which means that you will only get a machine that used to be a new 750 model. This is an added bonus of purchasing the Certified Reconditioned 750 model.
  • Vitamix offers a unique trade-in program to customers who purchased their blenders directly from the company. This is extremely convenient for those who may have a very old machine that is broken or will not sell on the current market, or for people who have lifestyle changes that maybe require an upgrade. Once Vitamix receives the old machine, they will issue a $100 credit for use within 90 days towards the purchase of a new machine.

Vitamix No Risk 30 Trail, vitamix, blender, Customer service – All Vitamix machines are manufactured and assembled in the United States at their world headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The only exception to this is the Swedish-built motor, which is made specially for Vitamix and sent to their warehouse pre-made. Their customer service consistently receives high rankings for excellence and superior handling of repair/replacement requests. Vitamix customer service hours of availability are 8am-8pm EST M-F and 9am-5pm EST on Saturday.

Payment Plan Option – Vitamix provides the option of making 3 easy payments on your credit card when you purchase a Vitamix to help with deferring some of the cost. A $15 non-refundable service charge will be added to all payment plan orders, after tax. To do this you must to call Vitamix directly at 1-800-Vita-Mix and press option 1, as this option is not available on their website. Give them the free shipping code @#$% to save yourself some money and make up for the service charge!

The secret to getting the Certified Reconditioned machine even cheaper is to wait until Black Friday. Vitamix will most likely mark it down along with all other machines, and offer free shipping until 11:59pm on Cyber Monday. Or you can take advantage of our offer now to get free shipping!

Extra Spatula – Vitamix offers special accessories to help with make their machines easy to use. One in particular is the beloved spatula. We highly recommend purchasing this accessory. A set of three is only $6.95, a small price to pay for making your life way easier. The spatula has been specially made to fit into every corner of the Vitamix container and is slim and lightweight for easy handling and removing thick mixtures from the blades. No more food left in the bottom around the blade or struggling to get every little bit from the sides of the container.

Vitamix Dry ContainerDry Goods Container – If you intend to make your own flour, we highly recommend purchasing this extra container for dry grains grinding. Ensuring that you get a fine powder every time, this container costs around $144. Over time, use of the ‘wet’ container will cause it to scar and become cloudy, turning into a less useful tool and unsanitary mess. So, this is a worthy investment. It’s a short, 32-ounce container that will fit comfortably under your counter when mounted on the base.

The 5200 Certified Reconditioned and new Standard models are available in five colors: black, red, platinum, white and brushed stainless steel. Black, red, white and brushed stainless steel color options are offered for the 5200 Compact Container, Super and Deluxe packages. Both the new and Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 6300 comes in black, red, white, platinum and cream. The brushed stainless color option is also available on the Certified Reconditioned 6300, but not the new machine. This is another reason why we think purchasing the 6300 Certified Reconditioned is a better deal than the new. Both the Vitamix 750 Certified Reconditioned and new packages come in three colors: black, red and stainless. The rubberized parts on the bases of all models come in black.

Frank Musa

After selling blenders at Costco Road Shows for a couple years I realized the power and potential of high power blending. I got a lot of questions at the Costco Road Shows about how the different blenders compare with one another and which blender is the best blender for smoothies and juicing, which blender is best for grinding grains and soup recipes. It’s tough deciding on an big purchase such as a high power blender so I created the Blend Offs to inform and show you, the consumer, exactly what these blenders do and how they compare.


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