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Total Blender Classic VS Blend tec Classic 575 & Blend tec Classic 570

Total Blender Classic VS Blend tec Classic 575 & Blend tec Classic 570


Blend tec Classic Blenders Comparison

Is the Blend tec Classic Refurbished Total Blender a better bargin than the newer Blend tec Classic 570 and 575 models?

Originally there was only 1 blender in the Blend tec Classic Series called “The Blend tec Total Blender Classic” which is now only offered as a certified refurbished model. The Blend tec Total Blender Classic was Blendtec’s top selling blender from 2009 -2013, and is still pushing high sales numbers as a refurbished model. It offers 6 automatic presets, 2 manual controls, and a pulse button for Wet and Dry Chopping. In 2014 Blend tec decided to diversify their Blendtec Classic brand to accommodate the consumers needs by adding the Blendtec Classic 560 and the Blend tec Classic 575 to their Classic Line of blenders. The Blendtec Classic 560 and Classic 575 are a combination of Blendtec’s Signature Series blender(No longer available) and their Total Blender Classic refurbished model.

Frank Musa, The Daily Vitamin, Blend Off, Blendoff, Blend offs, blend offs,Hey there, my name is Frank Musa, I’m the producer of the Blendoffs and am the one who wrote this blender review. If you have any questions concerning Blend tec blenders please leave your comments at the bottom. Any Blend tec blender model you get will be amazing. These are just specific details on the Blend tec Classic blenders.

I’m not gonna tell you that one blender model is better than another, but I will give you the facts. The Blendtec Classic Series blenders consist of the Blendtec Total Blender Classic, the Blendtec Classic 560(which was recently discontinued), and the Blendtec Classic 575. All three are strong and affordable all in one blenders which are able to blend Hot, Dry, Wet, and Cold using the same blade same jar. I’m not exactly sure why Blend tec got rid of the Signature Series Blender Line? Maybe it was too Good. Lol.

Blendtec Signature vs Classic Series - Discountinued

Blendtec Classic Series Costs and Package Options

Deciding on a Blend tec blender can be tough especially since there are so many options to go with! You should know that there is $120 difference in price between the top Classic Series blender, the Blendtec 575, and the Total Blender Classic. The Blend tec 560 blender can be bought for as low as $299 with the standard 64oz jar or you can upgraded to the Wildside Jar (Recommended) and get it for $319.

The Blendtec 575 can be purchased directly through Blendtec for $379 with the standard jar or $399 with the Wildside Jar.

Finally the Blendtec Total Blender Classic can be purchased for $259 with the standard jar or $279 with the Wildside jar. The Total Blender Classic only comes refurbished but offers the same warranty, cookbook, DVD, and instruction manual.

Also you will have an option during check out to select a payment plan which can substantially help reduce the initial blow to your wallet.

These deals are through the manufacturers directly which means you will get the manufacturers warranty and the blenders will automatically be registered.

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How the New Blend tec Classic Series was Produced

Blend tec discontinued production on both their Signature Series blenders and their famous Total Blender Classic blenders around 2013. The Blendtec 560 blender model and 575 Blend tec Classic series blender models we’re introduced and took features from both the Blend tec signature and Total Blender Classic to give you the new blender line which consisted of the 560 and 575.

The Blendtec 560 and Blend tec 575 gives you all the necessary features and horse power to blend your smoothies, ice creams, soups, and grains, but are they better than their predecessors the Total Blender Classic and Signature Series?

The base units for all 3 models are almost equal in size and weight and are able to fit the same jars for your blends. The main difference that Blendtec’s newer Classic Series Blend tec 560 and Blend tec 575 blenders offer an upgrade in their responsive user interface features. You can jump speeds quicker.

Blendtec Classic 560 vs Blendtec Classic 575

Blend tec Classic Series Features

The main difference you’ll have to decide on are the differences in controls, the motors on all the classic blenders are the same and the blend tec blender blending jars can fit any Blendtec blender model. Each Classic Series blender has a different array of automatic vs non automatic buttons and different style of manual controls. There are 3 different digital displays on the Blend tec Classic blender models, as you can see from the photos.

Blendtec Classic Series Controls
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Blend tec Total Blender Digital Display

The Blend tec Total Blender Classic interface is composed of 6 automatic presets which slow down, speed up, and stop on their own. Not all of the Total Blender presets are on the Blendtec 560 and Blendtec 575 models. The Presets on the Total Blender Classic include, from left to right, Ice Cream, Milk Shake, Hot Soup, Sauce/Dips, Whole Juice, Smoothie. Each preset runs for a certain period of time and changes speeds according to that specific blend. You can simply push a button and walk away. The automatic settings work great and are able to make your blends by themselves without any help from you. You can see the time of each blender cycle come up on the digital display when you press the button, it counts down to zero and then stops.

The manual speeds on the Blendtec Total Blender are set up as up 1 down 1, and you have to start on speed 1. You can’t jump speeds like on the Blendtec 560 and Blendtec 575.

The Pulse feature also works the same on all 3 blender models, there is a set speed which the blender pulsates at which you can not change.

Short Review on the Blendtec Total Blender 

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Blend tec Classic 560

The Blend tec Classic 560 is a new addition to the Blendtec Classic Series. It was launched and promoted in 2014 and is what Blend tec currently offers through their website and certain online retailers. The Blendtec 560 interface is similar to the Blend tec Signature series interface with very responsive easily changeable push button manual speeds. The 560 user interface allows you to quickly change speeds during the blend cycle.

You can jump to higher or lower speeds directly by pushing the button. The buttons don’t change speeds on their own but sort of pulsate as they blend on the speed you selected.

There are 4 speeds to choose from on the Blendtec 560 Classic Series, also included is a pulse button which gives you more control and a way to chop wet and dry ingredients.

This design is completely different than the Blendtec Total Blender Classic model in that there are no automatic presets to push, instead Blend tec designed the interface so you can quickly change speeds during the blend yourself with a more responsive push button technology this can be seen as an improvement from the Total Blender because you can jump from a Low speed to a high speed immediately and not have to manually go in order from speed 1 to 10.

The buttons are on a timed 50 second blend cycle which will stop on their own. If you choose to just push the button and walk away the blender will stop after 50 seconds. The interface is very responsive and does give you a great deal of control during the blend.

You are able to start the blend directly on High and then push the Low button to jump speeds.

It is fun and easy to use, the only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have automatic presets that change speeds on their own.

The Blend tec 560 comes with the same illuminated display that the Blend tec Total Blender classic and Blend tec 575 do, where it reads off the time in seconds and you get to see the number of times you ran the machine.

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Blend tec Classic 575

The Blend tec Classic 575 is the new premium blender of the Blendtec Classic Series. It comes with a few more options than the Blendtec 560 and the more responsive push button technology for manual blending. The buttons are designed the same and go from Low to High and High to Low quickly. The Pulse feature is also still included which stands to the right of the manual buttons, but the big difference with the Blendtec 575 is the added top bar of automatic buttons which give you additional presets for Smoothie, Cleaning, and a 60 and 90 second run time which runs on a higher speed for pureeing and cooking soups.

The smoothie preset slows down and speeds up on it’s own and is completely automatic. It’s great for making smoothies and juices. It’s a nice feature to have included because similar to the automatic presets from the Total Blender Classic, the smoothie button makes the smoothie for you.

The cleaning button to the right runs a self cleaning timed cycle where you just add soap and water to the jar and it cleans itself. The 60 second button and 90 second button run on the blenders top speed for the duration of the cycle liquefying, heating, and pureeing your recipe.

The Blend tec 575 and Blend tec 560 added an X button which can stop the blender at any time. Unlike the Total Blender where you can simply push any button to stop the blender, the giant X button makes it simply to understand. The illuminated display on the front of the blender reads off the number of cycles you’ve ran the blender just like the other classic blender models.

The Blendtec Classic 575 is Blendtec’s premium Classic Series blender, and at a price tag of $399 is affordable.

Similar to the Blendtec 570 the Blendtec 575 gives you the push button technology where you can change speeds quickly for manual blending, but instead of 4 speeds they’re 5 speeds.

In Conclusion,

The Blend tec Classic 570 and Blendtec 575 are a combination of Blendtec’s old signature series blender, which is now discontinued, with certain features of the Blendtec Total Blender Classic.

In my personal opinion you can’t go wrong with The Total Blender, it has automatic features, manual speeds, and the pulse feature. The 560 clearly has no automatic functions and you’ll have to do everything manually. This proves to be a bit intimidating if you’ve never worked a Blend tec blender before. You can do everything in a Blend tec 560 that you can do in all the other Blend tec models but you just have to know what you’re doing because it’s completely manual.

The Blendtec Classic 575 blender would be my number one choice out of the 3 options and is only $40 more than the Total Blender Classic if you buy it refurbished. If you choose to go with a brand new model you are gonna pay $120 more($399) than a Blend tec Total Blender Classic($279). The choice is yours, I’m just here to help.

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment below!

Compare Blendtec Models for Juicing Blends

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