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Soup Recipes with Blendtec Vs Vitamix & Nutribullet Vs Ninja Blenders

Soup Recipes with Blendtec Vs Vitamix & Nutribullet Vs Ninja Blenders


Soup Recipes using a Blender

No preservative, no additives, healthier than store bought soups. Soup Recipes made in a high power blender are quick to liquefy and quick to heat up. Blender Soup Recipes range from vegetable soups, to butternut squash soups, to beef stew. When you buy a high power blender like a Viamix, Blendtec, NutriBullet, or Ninja blender you get a recipe book which contains soup recipes. Just follow the instructions in the cook book and you can make soup in your blender.

Vegetable Soup Recipe

Starting with cold water, we ran the Nutribullet Rx blender, the Blendtec Designer 725 blender, the Vitamix G Series 750 blender, and the Ninja Mega Blender each for 6 minutes with a tortilla vegetable soup recipe, which consists of about 3 cups of water, vegetables, and taco seasoning. The Results of how hot the blender could heat up the soup in those 6 minutes are below. Take note that after 118 degrees the live enzymes in the vegetables start to die. A properly cooked and legally servable soup needs to reach 165 degrees F.

Making Soup Recipes?

To make soup recipes in a blender, the blender needs to run on it’s highest speed for a long period of time. The blades need to cause enough friction for the soup be able to heat up soup.  A minimium speed for a blender blade to spin is from 24,000 Revolutions Per Minute(RPM) all the way up to 37,000 RPM.  The power of the high power motors in high end blenders pushes the blades to reach these high speeds, and when the blades travel at a very high speed in a small confined space the result is a lot of friction. The friction in turn works as a natural heating element and is able to cook your soup recipes, and make other recipes which require heating.

Soup Recipes Blender Models Tested

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Best Blender for Soup Recipes

After a close review we declared the Vitamix and Nutribullet at A TIE for taste, but Vitamix had a more smooth drinkable consistency so we gave Vitamix the win for this Blend Off Test. Vitamix G Series 750 hands down had the most easily drinkable texture and the taste was fantastic. The Vitamix soup setting was easy to use and the Vitamix container had no trouble liquefying the soup recipe ingredients.

The Blendtec was a close runner up for both taste and texture, but we found that the taste from the Nutribullet was slightly better. Both Blendtec and the NutriBullet Rx blenders have a soup button which is designed to heat up and cook soup recipes.

One big thing that Blendtec and Vitamix had over the Nutribullet is the pulse feature which allows you to make the soup chunky, this also accounts for why you might want to get a Vitamix or Blendtec over a Nutribullet for Soup Recipes.

Nutribullet doesn’t have a feature for pulsating the blends so making soup chunky is difficult, but you are able to turn it on and off very quickly which would act as a short pulsing burst. Blendtec, Vitamx,  and Nutribullet blender models all heated up the soup almost equally after 6 minutes of blending. Their heating abilities are close to equal.

The big failure was the Ninja Blender which was not able to heat up the soup. The blade design seemed to just spin everything around and there was not enough friction to cause heat to cook a soup.

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Soup Recipes Nutribullet Blender

NutriBullet was able to heat the soup from 61 degrees to 159 degrees in 6 minutes, and was, in fact, able to out heat the Blendtec and Vita-mix. It had a slightly thicker consistency than the Blendtec and Vitamix but had an outstanding taste.

  • The NutriBullet Rx 1700 Watt blender had no troubles liquefying the tough ingredients and then cooking them to a high temperature, and the Nutribullet also has a special soup cycle on it’s Rx Nutribullet blender model.

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Nutribullet Blender: The Rx Nutribullet blender model comes fully equipped with a 2 peak horsepower, 1700 Watt motor which can easily heat soups. The other two Nutribullet – blender models – offer a 600 watt and 900 watt motor which are not as powerful for heating – soups – and may over-heat easier on tough blends.

Note’ Nutribullet Rx Blender Models come with a soup setting on the front of the blender.

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Soup Recipes Blendtec Blender

Blendtec cooked the soup from 61 degrees to 155 degrees in 6 minutes. The powerful Blendtec Dull Blades easily liquefied and then cooked the soup recipe and gave us a great tasting easily drinkable delicious soup.

  • You can make the soup chunky at the end by adding in ingredients and using the pulse button.
    • Blendtec: Blendtec offers a very unique, 90 second Soup Button feature, which no other blender has, it runs for a very short 90 second cycle and heats and cooks soups quickly. You can heat the soup 20 to 30 degrees every 90 seconds(each time you push the button). So if you start with water temperature of 70 degrees and run the blender for 90 seconds, that same water will now be 100 degrees, push the button again and the temperature will be around 125 degrees, push it again and it will be around 145 degrees, push it again and it will be around 170 degrees, equaling 6 minutes.
  • We tested the Blendtec blender for this and it consistently heated the water temperature 100 degrees hotter from the temperature we started with in 6 minutes.

dull blade, dull blades, blendtec, blendtech, blendtec blade, blendtec blades, best blender, stainless steel blades,Blendtec: Blendtec blenders are able to travel up to 28,500 RPM, which, is fast enough to cause friction at the base of the blender jar to heat and cook – soup recipes.

Blendtec high speeds combined with it’s thick dull blade can cause a large amount of friction to form at the bottom of the jar. This large amount of constant heat coming from the blades can cook your soups, make your fondues, and heat syrups.

Blendtec Motor – Blendtec blenders feature the most powerful motors in commercial blending. The blender we are using has a torquey 3.8 peak horsepower, 1800 watt, 15 amp motor, which is able to overpower and liquify any ingredient you put into the blender. It has quick heating abilities and fast speeds. All Blendtec motors have a minimum of 1560 watts, 13 amps, and 3 peak hp. The Designer Series offers slightly more powerful motors.

Note’ The longer the blender runs on a high speed, the more hot the temperature will become.

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Soup Recipes Vitamix Blender

Vitamix heated the soup from 61 degrees to a 152 degrees in 6 minutes. Vita mix produced a great tasting – soup recipe – and we found the Vitamix – Soup Blend – to be more easily drinkable from all the other blender models. The soup setting on the Vitamix dial is simple to use and works effectively for heating soup recipes.

  • If your Vitamix blender doesn’t have the automatic soup setting, simply run the blender on it’s highest speed for a long period of time (until hot), usually 6 minutes or so.
    • Vitamix: Vitamix offers a soup setting on their Vitamix Speed Dial, but it is set to run for 5 minutes and 30 seconds on their – G Series blender models – and for 6 minutes and 30 seconds on their – C Series – blender models. It maintains a fast speed through the blend, and is able to cook your – soup recipes – thoroughly and stop when the cycle is done.
    • The reason the G Series runs for 1 minute less time than the Vitamix – C Series – blender models – is because the – Vitamix G Series – blenders – are equipped with a more powerful 2.2 hp motor, which is able to heat soup recipes slightly faster.

vitamix blade, vitamix blades, blade, blades, stainless blades, vita mix, vitamix, vitamix blender blades, blender,Vitamix: Vitamix Blenders have the most versatile speed range of all the other – blender models – allowing for the most amount of control, which is great for chiefs. Vitamix blades can travel at an extremely low RPM of 500, and can reach the highest RPM of any other blender, 37,000 RPM.

This is the most versatile speed range offered by a high power blender, and the dial is very responsive to the touch, you can feel the power effectively when you turn the knob on the Vita-mix, low to high, or, high to low, you can control the blade very effectively.

Vitamix Motor: Vitamix blenders feature 2 different motors for their G Series and C Series Blenders. Vitamix G Series 750, G Series 7500, G Series 780, and G Series 300, are equipped with a 2.2 peak horsepower, 1440 Watt, 12 amp motor which proves very effective for overpowering ingredients and pushing the Vitamix Stainless steel blades for versatile blending. The Vitamix C Series 5200, Vitamix C Series 6300, and Vitamix C Series 4500, are equipped with the 2 Peak Horsepower, 1380 watt, 11.5 amp motor.

Note’ We don’t promote the Vitamix S Series Blenders because they are not a high power blender which is comparable to the C series and G Series Vitamix blender models.

There are no differences in texture or taste between the different Vitamix blender models, all Vitamix Blender models use the same containers and all work effectively in making your recipes.

Note’ The G Series Vitamix Blenders are much more quieter than all Blendtec – NutriBullet – and Ninja – blender Models, and also much quieter than the – Vitamix S Series – and – Vitamix C Series – Blender models. The G Series blenders by Vitamix are the quietest commercial blender line ever made.

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Soup Recipes Ninja Blender

The Ninja Mega Blending System with 1500 Watts produced a Cold Soup, we ran the blender on the Blend function, which is the highest speed on the Ninja Mega Blender goes, for 6 minutes and the soup only reached 77 degrees.

  • I’m not sure how the other Ninja Blender Models work for making soup but the Ninja Mega Blender wasn’t able to do it for us. The NEWER Nutri Ninja has a digital interface with Auto IQ and a blade design which looks to be similar to the NutriBullet, so it might work a little better for soup recipes.

Ninja Blender, Ninja Blender Blades, Ninja, Blender blades, blades, blade, ninja blade, mega blender,Ninja Mega Blender: This blender model by Ninja is unable to reach the high RPM speed needed to cook or heat soup recipes. Ninja has developed a NEW blender line called the Nutri Ninja, which uses similar blades as Nutri-Bullet – blender models, which enables it to reach a higher RPM speed of around 24,000 RPM.

Note’ The Ninja MEGA Blender uses a blade design which is different than most – high power blenders. It’s blades are not able to push or pull ingredients into a direction; and therefore, the textures are NOT CONSISTENT and come out more grainy and pulpy. 

Ninja Blender: The Ninja Mega Blender claims to have a 1500 Watt, 2 peak horsepower motor, which we don’t doubt, but it’s blade design is unable to heat soup.

In Conclusion,

You can quickly make RAW SOUP and HOT SOUP, in a few minutes in these blenders. On a personal note from me to you; Raw / Cold Soup is a little better for you because the Live Enzymes which offer many health benefits are still intact in the fruits and vegetables. As soon as the temperature of the soup reaches 118 degrees, you’ll start to kill off Live Enzymes. So we recommend just running the blender for 2 to 3 minutes instead of 6 to 8. Soup recipes made in these blenders are healthier than store bought, there are no additives and no preservatives unless you add them in.

  • If you want to thoroughly cook your soup recipes so the bacteria and Live Enzymes are all dead you have to reach a temperature of 165 degrees. It usually takes the Blendtec, Vitamix, and NutriBullet Rx Blender, around 6 minutes to do this, unless you start with hot water to begin with, in which case it will take far less time.

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Frank Musa

After selling blenders at Costco Road Shows for a couple years I realized the power and potential of high power blending. I got a lot of questions at the Costco Road Shows about how the different blenders compare with one another and which blender is the best blender for smoothies and juicing, which blender is best for grinding grains and soup recipes. It’s tough deciding on an big purchase such as a high power blender so I created the Blend Offs to inform and show you, the consumer, exactly what these blenders do and how they compare.


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