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Nutribullet Rx is Best Blender Under $200 – Better than Vitamix

Nutribullet Rx is Best Blender Under $200 – Better than Vitamix


After running numerous performance tests against the Vitamix, Blendtec, and Ninja blenders; NutriBullet proved that it is worthy of being rated “Best Blender” Under $200

In the Performance tests the NutriBullet blender was able to liquefy smoothies and juices to the same consistency as the Vitamix and Blendtec high end blenders, and the Nutribullet even WON the Smoothie Blend Off against the Blendtec and Vitamix.

NutriBullet is able to produce the same textures and same great tastes as blenders which cost 2 to 3 times as much. It has a simple design and it’s blending capabilities allow you to do Hot Dry Wet and Cold Blends with the same blade.

Finally, a high power blender at an affordable price. The NutriBullet’s small size is able to easily fit on your kitchen counter and it’s height is able to fit under your cabinets. 

NutriBullet Blender Costs and Options

Buying a high power blender can be very costly, fortunately the NutriBullet Rx retails for under $200. You can find it as low as $135 refurbished, or closer to $180 brand new. You are able to do the same blends as a Vitamix or Blendtec blender but for half the cost.

Note’ We don’t recommend the lessor powered NutriBullet Blender Models because they can overheat. NutriBullet has a 600 Watt and 900 Watt blender which are available for a lesser price. We recommend only purchasing the high power 1700 Watt version, you will notice a big difference with textures and tastes, and overall easy blending capabilities vs it’s 2 smaller brothers.

After running a series of blender blendoff competitions where we put the NutriBullet Rx up against the high-powered Vitamix and Blendtec high end blender models to see how the Nutribullet Rx compares, we found that the high powered, NutriBullet Rx 1700 Watt Blender, performed extremely well against a much more expensive competitor.

The NutriBullet achieved close to the same, if not better, results in almost all the main blender categories as the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders.

We were amazed by Nutribullet’s abilities to liquefy whole foods into smoothies quickly, grind grains into flours, cook hot soups, and make juice recipes just as good as a more higher end blender. Keep reading to find out more.

After putting the NutriBullet blender to the test in the blendoffs, it proved itself worthy which has lead up to this article and review.

What is a Nutribullet?

Nutribullet blender soupThe NutriBullet is a heavily advertised high-powered mid-tier blender, also referred to as a nutrient extractor, where you can do hot, dry, wet, & cold blending.

The compact design allows it to fit under your cabinets, and its easy assembly makes for easy use and cleaning.

  • Nutribullet Motor The NutriBullet Rx has a 1700 Watt, 2.3 horsepower motor which allows it to break down the nutrients easily for a great taste, superb texture, and easy digestion. The motor on the Nutribullet Rx is stronger than the Vitamix blenders motors which only have a 2.2hp, 1440 watt motor.
  • Nutribullet Pitchers and Cups The NutriBullet nutrient extractors come with a few differently sized cups and pitchers to use for your blends. The biggest pitcher is 45oz, enough for 2 servings. NutriBullet pitchers and cups are all dishwasher safe, BPA Free, and made from heavy duty plastic.
  • Nutribullet extractor bladesNutribullet Blades The Nutribullet Extractor blades are detachable from the pitcher or cup which makes for easy cleaning. The blades are sharp, but they are easy to reach under for cleaning because they are detachable. We found the NutriBullet blades easier to clean than the Vitamix blender blades because you can detach the base.
  • Nutribullet Size/Weight – The Nutri-Bullet takes up very little space, which is a big perk when you have little kitchen space and/or a lot of appliances. Its exact size is 15.2 x 15.2 x 13.1 inches and total weight is 14.7 pounds.

Does Nutribullet only have 1 speed option?

The NutriBullet is in its own class of blenders, meaning that its design is completely different than any other blenders on the market. There is no user Interface, and no controls. It only has one speed option where it runs a cycle and stops on it’s own. It’s the same cycle every time. It’s the easiest blender you will ever use.

During the cycle, the blades travel at a very high speed, breaking down all the nutrients thoroughly to give you a nice smooth, fine texture for your blends. The cycle runs for 62 seconds and stops.

The Soup Option

If you want to make soup Nutribullet put a special button on the front of their Nutribullet Rx Blenders. If you push the button before you put the pitcher on it’s base, the Nutribullet blender will run for a longer period of time in order to heat up soup recipes.

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Nutribullet Rx Performance

Make Smoothies and Juices in a Nutribullet Rx

The NutriBullet Rx has no troubles slicing through big whole foods and blending nuts, seeds, and leafy greens. You can add larger sized fruits and vegetables into the Nutribullet pitcher, and it will be able to liquefy those ingredients quickly.

  • The NutriBullet Rx Nutrient Extractor also won a Smoothie Blendoff where it beat the high-speed Vitamix Blender, the high-powered Blendtec blender, and the Ninja Mega Blender in a whole food smoothie competition.
  • In the competition, we blended a tough whole food smoothie with nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and a lot of whole foods. It was able to quickly and easily break down the ingredients and liquefy the recipe into an easily drinkable smoothie.
  • It won 1st place for the blender that provided the best tasting and best textured smoothie which says a lot since Blendtec and Vitamix blenders cost twice as much as a Nutribullet Rx. You can see in the image above how the textures and colors of the smoothies produced in our Blend Off look.

Make Hot Soup in your Nutribullet Rx

Nutribullet Hot SoupThe NutriBullet Rx Nutrient Extractor out-performed the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders for  heating up a soup. It was able to liquefy and cook the soup to a temperature of 160 Degrees in 6 minutes which was just a couple degrees hotter than the Blendtec and Vitamix high end blenders.

  • The starting temperature of the Tortilla Soup Recipe was only 60 degrees at the start of the test (room temperature), so it was able to heat the soup to 100 degrees in just 6 minutes. It beat the Vitamix and Blendtec by a few degrees, which is very impressive for a blender that costs half as much.
  • The G-Button located on the front of the NutriBullet activates Soup-Making Mode, a 7-minute heating cycle that creates fresh, piping hot, soups and beverages.
  • Use the SouperBlast Pitcher and Lid when blending ingredients in Soup-Making Mode. The vented lid allows heat and pressure to escape during the soup-making process.


Grind Flours and Grains in a Nutribullet Rx

Nutribullet flours and grainsHigh-powered blenders can grind grains. A good high power blender can do Hot, Dry, Wet and Cold Blending which means that if you dry the NutriBullet pitcher, you can grind flours and grains.

  • The NutriBullet only has ONE SPEED, which is fast, but works for making flours because blending fine flours require a fast speed. You can place 2-3 cups of rice, flax seeds, spelt berries, wheat berries, oats, popcorn kernals, and granulated sugar into the NutriBullet pitcher and let it run for a cycle, and it will turn your original seeds, kernals, and particles into a nice powder.
  • The texture of the flour produced from the NutriBullet was equal to that of the high-powered and pricey Vitamix and Blendtec blenders. You can watch our blendoff videos to see for yourself how the NutriBullet blends flour.
  • One thing to mention if you’re going to do a lot of grinding is the Nutribullet is limited because it doesn’t offer slower speeds for grinding. So grinding coffee beans, meats, and other types of powders that you might want to thicker more dense texture for might prove to be tougher.

Make Milk Substitutes in a Nutribullet Rx

nutribullet milkNut milks have become extremely popular over recent years, due to the large amount of information we have received from health and nutrition related documentaries and videos. People are now more aware than ever about what is healthy and what is not.

  • Reading labels is important and when you go to the grocery store, many times you will find that products are enriched with added sugars and additives to give them a longer shelf life.
  • Homemade Nut Milks in a NutriBullet will be healthier than store bought, and it will only take about 30 seconds or so to blend. 
  • By adding cashews, almonds, flax seeds, or any other types of nuts and/or seeds, if you mix those nuts and seeds with water you will create a fresh healthy homemade Nut Milk.

Make Ice Creams

Making Ice Creams in a Nutribullet proves to be a little difficult because there is only one speed which is FAST; therefore, it does not allow you to go at a slow speed, which is crucial for making ice creams.

  • A lot of times ice creams can quickly turn into a smoothie if you are not watching closely. The power and speed of the stainless steel sharp blades cause ingredients to get broken down thoroughly, but also causes them to get warmer and heat up. When blending ice creams you will want to stop the blender, after you see that it is all blended together.
  • Careful not to let it run to long to ensure it does not become a smoothie

Using the Nutribullet to Chop

The NutriBullet Rx and all other Nutri-bullet Nutrient Extractors do not come equipped with a pulse mode feature, which most blenders use to chop ingredients.  Instead, we found out in a recent soup blend off, that what you have to do is use the on and off switch as a pulse.

  • Quickly turn the blender on and then off, and it will act as a pulse feature.
  • This will allow you to chop ingredients (this is great for soups). However, there is not too much control with the NutriBullet pulsing with the power switch so you have to be quick to turn the blender off or it will liquefy your ingredients pretty fast. It is powerful in that way.

What’s in the Box

    • NutriBullet High Torque Base – The most powerful high powered NutriBullet Extractor base with 1700 watts, 2.3 horsepower.
    • Extractor Blade – A powerful twist on blade that fits all NutriBullet pitchers and cups.
    • SouperBlast Pitcher – Great to use for soup making mode because of it’s vented lid, which allows for heat to escape during soup blending.
    • 30oz Short Cup – A convenient, single-serving cup made for easy sipping.
    • 45oz oversized Cup – Fantastic for larger recipes and making multiple servings.
    • Re-sealable Lid – Simply twist on the lid to keep your contents in the fresh in the fridge
    • NutriBullet Rx User guide – Provides instructions on safety and operations for using the Nutribullet Extractor.
    • Blade Remover – If your Extractor blade gets stuck on the NutriBullet Rx Cups or Souperblast Pitcher, use the Blade Remover to safely untwist it.
    • Natures Prescription Recipe Book – Contains over 150 pages of information and recipes for the NutriBullet Rx.


Make sure not to buy a lower powered Nutribullet with 600 watts or 900 watts, make sure you get the Rx Edition Nutribullet blender which has 1700 watts. The high amount of watts and horsepower in the Nutribullet Rx will allow you to do all the things discussed in this article. The lower powered NutriBullet models will over heat more often and won’t be able to compare with the Blendtec and Vitamix blenders.

Adding in Ingredients Properly

When adding ingredients into your NutriBullet, make sure to fill jar with the hard ingredients first, such as ice and hard vegetables, then add the softer ingredients such as soft fruits, and lastly, add your liquids. You have to add it in this order, especially for ice creams, because when you flip it upside down you’ll want the softer ingredients and liquids at the bottom so that the blade can pull them down properly.


The warranty from NutriBullet Manufacturer is a standard 1 Year warranty. You can upgrade your warranty to up to 3 years on amazon for a very low price. Click Here for the Best Amazon Deal.

We recommend using Amazon for your NutriBullet Purchase because with Amazon you can pay with a Credit Card or use amazon financing options, plus, amazon offers an upgraded 2 year or 3 year warranty for NutriBullet Blender Models.

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In Conclusion,

A Nutribullet Rx is a great deal and if you are serious about blending you won’t go wrong. It is capable of keeping up with a Vitamix or Blendtec blenders but for half the cost.

  • You are able to liquify juices and smoothies, heat up and cook soups, grind your grains, chop vegetables and fruits, and mix batters and dips. NutriBullet Rx is a great choice for a high power blender.
  • NutriBullet’s compact size makes it easy to store under the cabinets or squeeze between other appliances on the counter. It is very sturdy and does not move around on the counter at all while blending, even during tough recipes.

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Thanks so much for reading this review of the NutriBullet Rx blender, please leave a comment or any question you might have. We would love to know what you think about this review. Thanks again!

What’s are your favorite NutriBullet Recipes? Let us know in the comments below!


Frank Musa

After selling blenders at Costco Road Shows for a couple years I realized the power and potential of high power blending. I got a lot of questions at the Costco Road Shows about how the different blenders compare with one another and which blender is the best blender for smoothies and juicing, which blender is best for grinding grains and soup recipes. It’s tough deciding on an big purchase such as a high power blender so I created the Blend Offs to inform and show you, the consumer, exactly what these blenders do and how they compare.


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