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Juicing Carrots using Blendtec vs Vitamix & Nutribullet vs Ninja Blender Models

Juicing Carrots using Blendtec vs Vitamix & Nutribullet vs Ninja Blender Models


Juicing Carrots in a high power blender

To put it simply, design matters.. The Blade design and motor matters when it comes to your blender. Each blender produces a different taste and flavor, and depending on the blender design, it’s pulpy or not pulpy, tastes good or tastes bland. it all affects the taste of the carrot juice. The best blenders which are the high power blenders able to liquefy the carrots into a carrot juice which is comparable to a juice from a juicer, leaving very little or no pulp in the blend. Regular blenders have blade designs which more or less just spin the ingredients around in a circle. High End Blenders have blades designed to push the carrots into the blades allowing the blenders to give you amazing consistencies and reasons for wanting to juice carrots in your blender vs juicer.

2 Quick Insights to Blending vs Juicing

  1. Juicing Carrots in a Blender: A lot more fiber and nutrients come from – juicing – carrots – in a blender. You get 100% of the nutrients when you – blend – the whole – carrot. A Juicer or Juice Extractor extracts a small amount of nutrients from the carrot, so you lose a lot of fiber.
  2. High Power Blender Produce a Better Consistency: Juicing carrots – in a – high power blender – will give you a better consistency with less pulp and better taste, as you are able to liquefy all the big chunky pieces of carrot. A regular blender, won’t have the power to get rid of the pulp, in other words, the texture will be harder to swallow.
  • Note’ Blendtec recipes, Vitamix Recipes, NutriBullet Recipes, and Ninja Blender Recipes, have been know to taste better and be more drinkable than recipes from a regular blender.

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  5. Nutribullet Rx
  6. Ninja Blender

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Best Blender for Juicing Carrots

It was a difficult decision between the Vitamix, Blendtec, and Nutribullet High Power Blender Models, but our conclusion was that the winner for best tasting and easiest to drink consistency came from the Blendtec Designer blender with the Big Bad 90oz Wildside Jar. The Blendtec blender Wildside Jar produced a smooth, very easy to drink, carrot juice that had a slightly sweeter taste than the Vitamix, Nutribullet, and Ninja Blender Models.

The next runner up which we thought was the best was the Nutribullet Rx blender. The Nutribullet had a very nice sweet taste but was a slightly more pulpy and not as thoroughly blended as the Blendtec Designer.

We gave the Vitamix 750 G Series blender model 3rd place for this Juicing Carrots in our Blend off test because the taste produced from the Vitamix G Series 750 blender , was slightly bland and not as sweet as the Blendtec and Nutribullet, although it did have a better more drinkable consistency than the Nutribullet Rx Blender. We used the Vitamix Low Profile Container for this Juicing Blend Off, but through our tests we discovered that the Vitamix Standard 64oz tall container produces a more sweeter taste than the Low Pro Container, which is shorter and wider with a bigger blade.

The Ninja Blender had a more pulpy chewy carrot juice texture which wasn’t as easy to drink and swallow. The taste was a little bland too.

Blendtec Juicing

Blendtec WON the Carrot Juicing Blend Off but How?

juicin carrots, blentec, blendtech, blend tech, blendtech, carrots, juicing, carrot juice, juicing, juice, juicer, blender, blenders, best blender, best, carrot juice, blending carrots, carrot, carrots, Blendtec Blenders come with the most powerful motors in the blending industry, from 1560 watts to 1800 watts, which allow it to quickly and easily liquify ingredients throughly. Blendtec has designed their Blendtec Wildside Jar with a big wide base and 4 inch blade which works really well for juicing.

For this Blend Off we found that the Blendtec blender had the best texture and taste for our carrot juice recipe. Absolutely No Pulp, very easy to drink, and the taste was nice and sweet.

Blendtec Refurbished, blendtech, blendtec, blentec, blend tech, refurb, refurbished, reconditioned, blender, blenders, blendtec blenders, blendtec blender, discount, free shipping,

Nutribullet Juicing

Nutribullet Beat the Vitamix for Juicing but How?

carrots, carrot, carrot juice, juicing carrots, nutribullet juicing, nutribullet carrot juice, juicing in a nutribullet, nutribullet juicing, juicing carrots, nutribullet blender, blender, blenders, nutri bullet, bullet blender, blenders, juice, best blender, best blender juice, carrot juice, Though the Nutribullet Rx costs half as much as a Vitamix, the blade design is similar and works the same as a Vitamix blender. There are advantages to the Vitamix blender over the Nutribullet, but for juicing carrots we found the Nutribullet does just as good a job at a much more affordable price than a Vitamix blender.

The Nutribullet comes with optimal pitchers and containers for different serving sizes. Make sure to add some water or liquid when juicing otherwise the Nutribullet will simply chop the carrot and not liquefy it into a drink.


Vitamix Juicing

Why did Vitamix get 3rd place for this Blend Off?

juicing carrots, juicing, juice, vitamix, vita mix, vita-mix, juicer, blender, blenders, best blender, carrot juice, best, vitamix juicing, vitamix carrot juicing, carrot, carrots, Vitamix has a great design for juicing, sharp stainless steel blades pushed by a big powerful motor. The texture was comparable to the Blendtec blender but the taste was slightly more bland from our opinion, maybe if you used the Vitamix tall 64 oz container the taste might be more sweet, but the Low Profile container produced a slightly more bland taste.

We gave the win to the Nutribullet Rx over the Vitamix even though the texture wasn’t as smooth, the taste was slightly better. This was just carrots and water with no sweeteners, each blender had the same ingredients. We also liked the fact that the Nutribullet costs half as much and still produced an equally smooth good tasting carrot juice to the Vitamix blender.

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Ninja Blender Juicing

Why did the Ninja Blender get last place in this Blend Off?

Ninja, ninja blender, carrot, carrots, juice carrots, carrot juice, carrot juice, juicing carrots, ninja blender juice, juicing in your ninja, blender, blenders, best blender for juicing, best blender, ninja mega blender, nutri ninja, carrot juice, juicing, juice, The Ninja Mega Blender which is commonly sold at Costco and Walmart for under $100 has a completely different blade design than the Vitamix, Blendtec, and Nutribullet blender models. The Blades on the Ninja Blender seem to just spin the ingredients around and don’t do a good enough job of thoroughly blending all the ingredients in the jar to get that nice smooth great tasting carrot juice texture. The Newer Nutri Ninja Might do a better job. The texture was very pulpy and the taste was very bland coming from the Ninja Mega Blender.


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