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How to Make Flour with Blendtec vs Vitamix & Nutribullet vs Ninja Blenders

How to Make Flour with Blendtec vs Vitamix & Nutribullet vs Ninja Blenders


How to Make Flour in High Power Blenders

No Preservatives, No Additives, Fresh Ground Flour in less than a minute, can’t beat that. Now which blender is the best blender for making flour and is it really possible to make flour in a blender? YES, you can turn any seeds, berries, and grains into powders and flours with high end blenders such as Vitamix, Blendtec, NutriBullet, or Ninja Blenders. These high performance top blenders have high speed motors and stainless steel blade designs which allow grains and seeds to get ground up into flours and powders quickly and effectively. In less than a minute you can get a soft fluffy flour, keep reading and you’ll find out exactly how to make flours and powders.

You can replace a kitchen grain mill with a high end blender such as the ones described in this short review. A few examples of grains and seeds you are able to grind are:

  • Coffee Beans = Coffee Powder
  • Spelt Berries = Spelt Flour
  • Wheat Berries = Wheat Flour
  • Oats = Oat Flour
  • Flax Seeds = Flax Meal
  • Chia Seeds = Chia Powder
  • Rice = Rice Flour
  • Granulated Sugar = Powder Sugar 
  • PopCorn Kernels = Corn Meal or Corn Flour

Blenders with less than 1000 watts will overheat easier, we recommend buying a blender with 1200 watts, 2hp or more, a high powered Blendtec Vitamix – or – NutriBullet Rx Blender are 3 great choices for grinding grains.

How to make flour tips

  1. Higher speeds equal finer textures. The longer you run the blender on a high speed the finer the consistency will become.
  2. For example, if you want to make Flour and get a really nice fine consistency you’ll want to run the blender on it’s highest speed for around 60 seconds VS if you want to grind coffee beans and leave a thicker grainer consistency, then you’ll want run the blender on a slower speed for a shorter period of time, like 15 to 20 seconds.
  3. The consistency is determined by how long you run the blender and at what speed you run the blender.
  4. You can make your flours light, fine, fluffy, or dense. Grains and Seeds have a slightly different texture and depending on how long your run the blender and at what speed you run the blender, will determine the texture.
  5. Seeds have a lot of protein and are easily mixed into smoothies and juices and you can even mix them into baking recipes and ice cream blends.
  6. Don’t eat apple seeds, apple seeds are the only seeds that are bad for you.

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Links to Individual blender models

  1. Vitamix 750
  2. Vitamix Reconditioned Deals
  3. Blendtec Designer 725
  4. Blendtec Refurbished Deals
  5. Nutribullet Rx
  6. Ninja Blender

Which is the Best Blender to replace a Grain Mill?

We gave the win for the Best Blender to replace your Grain Mill to the Vitamix G Series blender with the Low Pro Container. The texture came out the fluffiest and finest from all the other blenders. The Vitamix Container had no trouble going through the heavy load of grains and the controls we’re easy to use. The next best blender was the Blendtec Designer blender with the Wildside Jar, the texture and consistency was very close to the Vitamix Low Profile Container, but the Vitamix blender had a more fluffy light consistency. Third place, but also very close in texture, was the Nutribullet Rx blender. The Nutribullet had an impressive soft nice consistency for rice flour as well. The Ninja Blender did a very poor job grinding the flour, it seemed to just spin the rice around the container and was not able to grind it down into a nice flour.

Blender Models we used in the Blend Off

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The smoothest and fluffiest consistency came from Vitamix G Series 750, but Blendtec and NutriBullet we’re very close. The Blendtec blender and Vitamix blender, and NutriBullet blender all did a great job, the rice flour can be used for baking. The Ninja blender on the other hand had some trouble, you can see in the video above that the texture produced by the Ninja Mega Blender is grainy and not thoroughly ground into a fine flour.

How to make Flour using different Controls

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  • Using the Touch Slider on the Blendtec Designer or the push button manual controls on the Blendtec Classic Blenders, you can grind your grains into a soft flour. Drag your finger back and forth on the slider to control the consistency of your Dry Good Blends. Leave it on a fast speed for a more fine fluffy texture or a slow speed for a thicker grainy texture.
  • For Vitamix Blenders use the speed dial or if you have a newer Vitamix Ascent blender use the digital interface manual controls and start on a slow speed and slowly turn the manual speeds to a fast speed. If you want the soft fluffy consistency then leave the speed control dial on a higher speed such as speed 9 or 10, for a less fine consistency leave the dial on a slower speed such as speed 3 or 4.

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How to make flour NutriBullet vs Ninja blender models

  • Nutribullet has only 1 speed which covers all it’s bases for Hot, Dry, Wet, and Cold Blends. Its very simple for grinding grains, you can comfortably add in 2 to 4 cups of hard grains into the blender pitcher and turn the grains or seeds into flour. If you think the flour is done and want to stop the blender from running, simply remove the pitcher from the base.
  • Ninja Blender doesn’t offer as much control, it’s the only blender out of the 4 blender models that didn’t do a good job at producing a flour. It has 3 push buttons which are aimed at a low, medium, and high speeds, but because of the blade design, the Ninja Mega blender doesn’t grind the rice down, it more or less just spins it around the container leaving a more grainy consistency. Sorry Ninja Mega Blender.

Vitamix Flour

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Vitamix advertises to use their “Special Dry Goods Container for your Dry blends, but we discovered that you are able to get the same consistency for flours and grains with their standard containers and their NEW Low Profile Container, which is the one shown in the video above.

Blendtec Flour

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The powerful Blendtec Wildside Jar with it’s big dull blades had no trouble grinding the heavy load of rice into a fine flour in seconds. It’s Dull Blade square jar design creates a vortex with all the ingredients in the jar and pulls everything into the blade leaving no little particles behind. Blendtec promotes that with ONE JAR you can to do everything, including grind grains, which makes it very convenient. The controls we’re easy to use and the blender gave us a perfect flour consistency from the rice which you could definitely use for baking.

Blendtec offers two blender jars for all purpose blending. The wild side jar and the four side jar. You don’t need to have a second jar for grinding grains but if you do a lot of grinding you might want one, the reason being is that grains scratch up the jar very fast and your jar will get cloudy and not look good. If you have a separate jar for grains you will save the look of your smoothie blender jar.

NutriBullet Flour

Best Blender flour, how to make flour, nutribullet flour, flour, flours, how to make, blender, nutribullet flour, flour recipes, flour recipe, nutribullet, bullet, blender, blenders, blend, blends, blending, blended, nutribullet recipes,The NutriBullet Rx Blender was powerful enough to grind the heavy load of grains into flour quickly and effectively, just as effectively as the Blendtec and Vitamix blenders which cost much more money. The NutriBullet pitcher is small and narrow and the blades work to push the grains up the sides of the container, where they fall back down onto the blades. All the grains go through the blade and get ground up and milled very finely. The design works similar as the Vitamix blender. The Rx Nutribullet has a 1700 Watt motor which is powerful enough for grains, the smaller powered 900 watt and 600 watt NutriBullet blenders might over heat on a heavy load of grains so we recommend only getting the high power version of the NutriBullet blender models.


Ninja Blender Flour

Ninja Blender Flour, Blender Flour, Flours, Flour, blender, blenders, blend, blends, blended, blending, ninja blend, flour, flours, ninja blender,The Ninja Mega Blender doesn’t have the proper blade design to grind grains. The blades seemed to just spin everything around the container and was very grainy. You can see this if you watch the video above.  It didn’t produce a texture that was even close to the NutriBullet, Vitamix, or Blendtec blenders.  It felt almost like cereal or steel cut oats. The Ninja has a blade design that is very different than most blenders.

In conclusion,

The Designs of the Blendtec, Vitamix, NutriBullet Rx blender models all can replace a grain mill and all work well to Mill grains into flour. The blades and motors on these 3 blenders are all designed well and are powerful enough for different grains and seeds and you can load anywhere from 2 cups to 4 cups at a time. You can use these flours for baking recipes, and save room in your kitchen by not having to purchase a kitchen grain mill.

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Frank Musa

After selling blenders at Costco Road Shows for a couple years I realized the power and potential of high power blending. I got a lot of questions at the Costco Road Shows about how the different blenders compare with one another and which blender is the best blender for smoothies and juicing, which blender is best for grinding grains and soup recipes. It’s tough deciding on an big purchase such as a high power blender so I created the Blend Offs to inform and show you, the consumer, exactly what these blenders do and how they compare.


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