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Cooking Hot Soups using your Vitamix or Blendtec!!

Cooking Hot Soups using your Vitamix or Blendtec!!


Vitamix vs Blendtec

How to Cook Hot Soups

Both the high powered Vitamix and Blendtec blenders have been known to make some amazing recipes, one being Hot Soups! Vitamix and Blendtec blenders are able to push their blades to extremely high speeds, which causes the blades to produce friction. Friction is a natural type of heat that naturally comes off the blades spinning so fast, when you take the amount of friction produced in such a small confined space such as a Vitamix container or Blendtec Jar, you will get a large amount of heat that is able to cook and heat recipes to temperatures of close to 180 degrees.

vitamix blade, vitamix blades, blade, blades, stainless blades, vita mix, vitamix, vitamix blender blades, blender,Vitamix blenders can spin their sharp 4 prong stainless steel blades up to 37,000 RPMs (Revolutions Per Minute), where Blendtec blenders can spin their blades up to 28,000 RPMs. Blendtec does have a more powerful motor and thicker blade design which is able to cook the soups a little bit faster than the Vitamix, but both can equally heat the soup to the same temperature.

How to make Hot Soups

The Blendtec and Vitamix both have an automatic Soup Program on their blenders which you can push or set and the blender will know that you want to heat and cook this recipe! If your Vitamix blender does not have a hot soups program than simply let the blender run on it’s highest speed for 3 to 6 minutes, depending on how hot you want the soup to get. To get the temperature to a steamy hot heat you’ll want to run the blender for 4 to 6 minutes. With a Blendtec it takes a little less time, usually 3 to 4 minutes.

Note: After 2 to 3 minutes the blender will reach 118 degrees and the live enzymes in your vegetables and fruits will began to die off. Raw soups will give you more nutritional value than liquifying and heating up hot soups. Look into making raw soups for more nutrition.

How to make Hot Soups Chunky

After your blender+soup recipe is liquified and to the temperature you prefer, now you are able to make it chunky. You’ll want to use your pulse switch(Vitamix blenders) or Pulse button(Blendtec blenders) or somehow pulse in the ingredients so you don’t liquify them. Add in your ingredients while the blender is turned off, and then press the pulse button or switch 2 to 3 times and shred or chop in the ingredients. You will notice little chunks form immediately, you don’t want to over pulse because your ingredients get liquified quickly. Remember these are high powered blenders and are extremely powerful.

Why doesn’t the lid fly off from the heat?

Both Vitamix and Blendtec offer vents on their rubber lids which allows for steam to get vented through. This is a great feature because without this there would be no way for the heat to escape the jar and the blender would over heat or break.

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Automatic Features vs Manual blending

You can make hot soups one of two ways, I’m not talking about Raw Soups vs Hot Soups, I’m taking about using your manual features or automatic features. My recommendation is if you have the automatic Soup Cycle on your Blendtec or Vitamix machine, use it. It is a great feature to have and you don’t need to stand next to the blender while it’s running or worry about turning it off. It will run it’s blender Soup pre programmed cycle, which is set to make the soup, and then it will turn itself off.

Blendtec Soup, Blendtec soups, blendtec soup setting, blendtec soup features, blendtec soup feature, blendtec soup cycle, blendtec soup, blender soup, blended soup, blender, blenders, blended, blending, blender, blenders, blendtec soup setting, blendtec soup cycle, blendtec soup program, soup recipes, soup recipe, soup, soups, blendtech, blendtec, recipe, recipes, high end blenders, high power blender, commercial blender, soup feature, automatic soup, blender soup, best blender for soup, best blender, best blenders,The Blendtec blenders Hot Soups Blend pre programmed cycle will run for 90 seconds and shut off. From my experience every time you run a Full Cycle the soup will heat up around 25 to 30 degrees. So depending on the water temperature you start with will determine how long you need to run it for (Hint: How many times you need to push the button). The Vitamix Soup Blend Program is not a button(accept for the Vitamix 780), but is rather a setting which you can turn too on the speed dial. You turn to the setting which says “Soup”, and you flip on the blender and let it run. It runs for 7 minutes.

vitamix blender, features, controls, 750, g series,

Note: “Some people are complaining that it is to long of a run cycle because most of the time the soup only takes 3 to 4 minutes if you start with hotter water. Once it reaches a certain temperature you can stop it.

If you use your manual keys you will have to do more work. First let’s talk about the Vitamix blender. Vitamix recently just came out with automatic features on their blenders so until a couple years ago there only was the manually controlled dial on all Vitamix machines. I personally recommend using the manually controlled dial for the Vitamix Hot Soups because the automatic feature runs so long that you will most likely have to stop it yourself anyways. To make the soup manually, simply start it and turn the knob to speed 10 and leave it there. If you own a TurboBlend Vitamix blender then for Hot Soups just flip the switch to High. You will see the steam sipping from the Vitamix lid, you can easily stop it anytime and check the soup temperature.

I do not recommend using the manual speeds on the Blendtec Designer Series or Blendtec Classic Series blenders for Soups because the manual speeds shut off after 50 seconds compared to the Hot Soups button which gives you 90 seconds of run time. So if you want to do it manually you will have to press the button again or take it up to manual speed 10 (Total Blender Classic) every 50 seconds.

In Conclusion, Hot Soups and Raw Soups are fantastic recipes which you can easily make in either one of these fantastic high powered blenders. The main question is which controls do you like to use more.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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