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Blentec Designer 725 Blender is the Best Blendtec Blender – VIDEO

Blentec Designer 725 Blender is the Best Blendtec Blender – VIDEO


Blentec Designer 725 Blender Full Review

The Blentec’s Designer 725 blender model is sure to catch your attention with its classic, sleek stainless steel design. But there’s more to the Blentec Blender than meets the eye. The revolutionary new design is a vast improvement on their previous Designer model. The new Blentec model includes brand new features, more power, and quieter blending! It’s being called Blentec’s most advanced blender, and for good reason.

With the Blentec Designer 725, Blentec again demonstrates its commitment to helping you live a healthier life, starting with your healthier diet. The uncomplicated design allows great changes to your health regimen, with little to no preparation time at all involved. The large amount of power allows you to easily liquefy, heat, puree, chop, and grind recipes into delicious snacks and meals.

Blentec Designer 725 Cost

blendtec, blendtech, 725, blender, blenders, best blender, advanced blender, designer, blendtec designer, blendtec 725, blendtec designer 725, blendtec 725 blender, blender models,One of the weakest selling points about the Blentec Designer 725 blender, unfortunately, is its high price. About the only “con” of buying a powerful commercial grade blender is the high cost. The newest in the Blentec top blender series comes with advanced technology, bringing a NEW Blentec Designer 725 blender model to $679. This higher price, however, brings you more power and new features that other models lack, justifying your purchase.

If you’re looking into saving a buck then the Blentec Designer 725 is offered at $549 as a refurbished model which can save you $120, and the Blentec refurbished blenders offer the same warranty.


The Blentec Designer 725 blender pairs its updated design with easy-to-use functions. Everything you need is preprogrammed and can be accessed on the little touch screen. The futuristic Touch Slider features no dials or button. The only thing you need to make your Designer 725 create the perfect blend is your finger! The panel also features a Multi-speed Pulse button to give your cycle a little extra power.

725 Designer Series Blendtec

The preprogrammed functions include “smoothie,” “hot soup,” “ice cream,” “whole juice,” and “salsa.” And once you’re done with your Designer 725, Blentec has included the very useful “Clean” function, which is unique to the 725 model.

The Blentec Designer 725 makes it easy to utilize any of these methods with its automatic countdown for each cycle. Blending your ingredients is now supervision-free! And if, once the cycle has finished, you find yourself unsatisfied with your product, Blentec has included a neat feature in the 725, which allows you to add 10-second increments onto each preprogrammed cycle. Using this new feature, you can essentially create your own custom mix-speed!


The Blentec Designer 725 blender comes with a great choice of jars. A dishwasher safe and BPA Wildside+ Jar is included with your purchase. The five-sided container is 9.5 inches tall and allows for a faster blend, thanks to its additional side to bounce ingredients off of. And to make your recipes even easier, the Wildside Jar on the Designer 725 comes marked with easy measuring units, including cups, ounces, and liters.


Blendtec blender jars
Blendtec BladesIf the Wildside Jar doesn’t complete your blending needs, Blentec has fortunately made the Designer 725 compatible with all products on the Blentec line of jars.

  • Your can customize your Blentec Designer 725 with a jar made for grinding, like the Fourside Jar, or choose one designed to crank out thicker blends such a nut butters.
  • Each Blendtec Jar comes with a blunt blade, designed to pulverize whole ingredients without waste. The unique Blentec blade is 80 percent thicker than those of leading competitors, and 10 times stronger.


Blendtec, blendtech, lid, lids, blendtec lid,Blendtec’s easy-to-open lid also makes for a very user-friendly design. The vented gripper lid allows for the steam from hot liquids to disperse evenly, while the removable centerpiece makes it easy to add ingredients even as you blend.

The Blentec Designer 725 blender is built from the smallest detail to cater to your blending needs.


Blendtec Designer 725 – PERFORMANCE

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  • You’ll love the resort quality smoothie consistency and how easy the Blentec designer 725 controls are to use.


blendtec, blendtech, blendtec juicing, blendtec juice, blendtec blender, blendtec blenders, juicing, juice, juicing recipes, juice recipe, juice recipes, recipe, recipes, juicing, juicer, juice, juicer vs blender, blender vs juicer, blendtec juicing, blender juicing, blendtec juicer, juicer vs blender, blendtech, juicing recipes, juicing recipe, blender, blenders, blend, blends, blending, blended, blended juice, blending juice, best blender, best blender for juicing, smoothie blender, commercial blender, high end blenders, high power blender, juicing blender, dr. oz, droz, oz, dr.oz, vitamix juicing, vs. vs, vitamix, blendtec vs vitamix, vitamix vs blendtec,Though the Blentec Designer 725 blender is not a true “juicer,” its 3.8 peak horsepower motor is strong enough to liquefy fruit and vegetables into an easily drinkable mixture!

  • The Blentec+Designer+725 utilizes every part of the fruit or vegetable, creating a breed of juice known as “whole food juice.”
  • Whole Food Juice is packed with antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients, and you don’t lose any fiber.
  • The Blentec Designer 725 blender pulverizes all the skins, seeds, and flesh of the fruits with ease. And, thankfully, Blendtec has made this feature easy to use with its built-in “Whole Juice” setting!


blendtec soup, blendtec soups, blendtec soup recipes, blendtec soup recipe, blendtec, blendtech, soup, soups, soup recipes, soup recipe, recipe, recipes, blender, best blender, blendtec blender soup, blendtec blender, best blender soup, blender for soup, blender for soups, soup blender, blender soup, blender, blenders, blended, blending, blend, blends, high power blender, high end blenders, commercial blender, blended soup, blended, blending,Another built-in setting which comes in the handy “Hot Soup” cycle. The Blentec Designer 725 blender can blend ingredients into a delicious soup in under 90 seconds and allows you to add on time to customize to your personal taste. On top of all that, quite literally, the vented lid allows steam to dissipate as you blend, preventing you from burning yourself once you remove the lid on your Designer Series 725!

  • The Soup setting on the Blentec designer blender models is the most powerful blend cycle and will overpower any vegetables you place in the jar.


blendtec chopping, blendtec chop ,blendtec, blendtech, chopping, chop, food processor, food processing, best blender, best blender food processor, best blender, high end blenders, high power blender, commercial blender, industrial, best blender for chopping, pulse, pulsating, pulsing, chopper, blender chopping, blender food processor, blender, blenders, best blenders, blended, blending, blend, blends, recipes, raw salad, raw salads, vegan,The Blentec Designer 725 blender is slightly less suited to dry chop ingredients. It’s best at chopping vegetables or slicing cheese for a fine topping.

  • The Blentec Designer 725 also is able to wet chop these ingredients; that is, chop them with the assistance of water, which circulates the ingredients more evenly through the jar.
  • Raw meat can be ground down for dishes.


blendtec flour, blendtec flours, blendtec, blendtech, blender flour, blended flour, blendtec grain, blendtec grinding, blendtec grains, blendtec grain recipes, grain, grains, grinding, grinder, blender vs grinder, grinder vs blender, blendtec, blendtech, blender grinder, grinder, best blender, best blender for grains, best blender for grinding, grinding, flour, flours, grinding flour, rice flour, rice, vs, vs., blendtech, wildside jar, fourside jar, designer, classic, blendtec blender, blendtec classic, blendtec designer, commercial blender, high power blender, high end blenders, smoothie blender, blender for flour, blender for grains,The Designer 725 is definitely designed to grind and can replace your household grain mill. It can break down grain to flour, or grind down flax and chia seeds to fine consistencies flax meal.

  • Coffee grinding is easy with this model, practically eliminating the need for a separate grinder!
  • Turn any seed, nut, or grain into flour or powder with the Blentec Designer 725
  • The Designer 725 not only outperforms its competitors, it saves you valuable countertop space!


Blendtec, blendtech, recipe, recipes, blendtec ice cream, blendtec blender, ice cream, ice, cream, ice cream, ice cream recipes, ice cream recipe, blender ice cream, recipes, recipe, blender, blenders, best blender, best blender ice cream, best ice cream recipes, blender for ice cream, smoothie blender, high power blender, commercial blender, high end blenders, blendtec, blendtech, blending, blending ice cream, blended, blended ice cream, designer, classic, blendtec classic, blendtec designer, 725, 625, 575, ice cream recipe, blend, blends,The Blentec+Designer+725 blender also eliminates the need for a bread-maker! Its jars can blend the wet and dry ingredients together efficiently inside the jar, and knead the dough when it’s done!

  • The blunted blades blend the mixture into a doughy ball, just like a bread-maker! And as a sweet treat, the Ice Cream cycle can create delicious and healthy ice creams, frozen yogurts, and sorbets in less than a minute!
  • Ice cream is a sweet treat, in the designer just add in the ice cream ingredients and push the ice cream button, and let the Blentec Designer do all the work for you.


blendtec, blendtech, designer, classic, blender models, blender model, best blender, best blenders, to clean, clean, cleaning, self clean, easy cleaning, wildside jar, fourside jar, blendtec jar, blendtec clean, blendtec cleaning, cleaning your blendtec, cleaning your blender, how to clean, blender, blenders, blends, blend, blending, blended, best blender, best blender for cleaning, commercial blender, high end blenders, high power blender,After any of these cycles, be sure to use one of the coolest and most important updates in the Designer 725 model, the “Clean” cycle. While most blenders must be taken apart and cleaned part by part, the Blendtec Designer 725 blender simply requires you drop in a cup of water and drop of dish soap. The Clean cycle takes care of the rest. Once it’s finished, all you need to do is rinse it out with warm, running water, and your Designer 725 is ready for its next creation.

Blentec Designer 725 – Motor and Design

Blendtec Designer 725 motor and design

The design of the Blentec Designer 725 blender model features an impressive 3.8 peak horsepower motor. The new motor uses 1,725 watts and 15 amps, a significant gain over the older Blendtec Designer model, which offered only 3 peak horsepower at 1560 watts, 13 amps. Now who in the world wants that much power in a blender? (I DO)! The Design of Blendtec blenders are slightly different in that the motor and blade work together to over-powers ingredients, which makes it easier on you to load the blender jar to the max and not worry about the blender breaking or not being able to go through the tougher harder ingredients you place in the jar.

The two toughest ingredients we blended in the Blentec Designer 725 was a beet and avocado pit. It had no trouble quickly liquefying them into a juice.

Blendtec Designer 725 - 100 Speed Touch Slider

The NEW Innovative Blendtec Designer 725 100 Speed Touch Slider

Another brand new feature unique to the Blentec Designer 725 blender is its 100-speed touch slider, which gives the user access to precise speed control. At its top speed, the motor grinds the blades at an amazing 29,512 rpm. Now you can stir, chop, mix, blend, or puree your ingredients thanks to the guidance of the Designer 725’s digital screen, which can accurately find the correct speed for each texture.

Blentec Designer 725 Size and Weight

blendtec, blendtech, blender, blenders, size, weight, height, feature, features, blender models, designer, classic, 725, blendtec designer, designer series, best blender, commercial blender, high end blenders, high power blender, blendtec size, blendtec weight, blendtec dimensions, blendtec height, blender,The Blendtec Designer 725 Blender features a sturdy design as well, weighing in at a heavier 10.7 pounds. The 15” blender’s weight means greater stability for rougher mixes like ice or frozen ingredients. The updated, heavier model eliminates the “bouncing” flaws the original Blendtec Designer had.

It’s small size allows you to comfortable store the blender anywhere in the kitchen, it easily fits under cabinets and can be squeezed into tight places.


Blentec Designer 725 – BLENDTEC REWARDS

To motivate the healthier choices you’ll be sure to make with your Designer 725 Blentec model, Blendtec offers a rewards program. The program measures your health goals in blending milestones, tallied easily by the Blentec Designer 725 blender.

  • Once a goal is reached, the Designer 725 model provides its owner with rewards codes right on the display.
  • The codes can be redeemed online for prizes, including recipe books, gift cards, kitchen utensils, and jar discounts.

Blentec Designer 725 – WARRANTY & DURABILITY

Finally, if a significant purchase like the Blendtec Designer 725 Blender had you at all concerned, any fears will be set at ease thanks to Blendtec’s eight-year, full use warranty. When this is compared to the one- or two-year warranties offered by Ninja or Oster, the Blendtec Designer is a clear winner.

In Conclusion,

In the new age we live in where having a high powered blender is now being realized as a necessity more than a luxury, the Blendtec Designer 725 gives you the power you need with a great sleek look which will marvel your friends and enhance the appeal of your kitchen. It’s small compact design will not get in the way and it’s easy cleaning abilities make it quick to make recipes.

Refurbished Blendtec Blender Models


Frank Musa

After selling blenders at Costco Road Shows for a couple years I realized the power and potential of high power blending. I got a lot of questions at the Costco Road Shows about how the different blenders compare with one another and which blender is the best blender for smoothies and juicing, which blender is best for grinding grains and soup recipes. It’s tough deciding on an big purchase such as a high power blender so I created the Blend Offs to inform and show you, the consumer, exactly what these blenders do and how they compare.


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