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Blendtech Blenders are the Best Blenders For Smoothies & Juices

Blendtech Blenders are the Best Blenders For Smoothies & Juices


Blendtech Blenders and 8 reasons to get one

Cheapest and Best High End Blenders

Blendtech blenders come in different blender models, blender shapes, and blender sizes, but each blender model which Blendtech offers produces the same results. So ask yourself, why would I pay $679 for the Blendtec Designer 725, when I can do the same thing in the Blendtec Total Blender Classic, which is only $279. Hmmmm, let’s find out more!


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Hey, my name is Frank Musa, I produced the Blend Offs. I’ am writing this review to help you understand more about Blendtech blender features and why I think they are the best blenders for smoothies. Blendtech blenders did a great job in our blender vs blender blend off competition tests and I would highly recommend getting any Blendtech make or model. Most Blendtech blender models have an automatic smoothie button which makes the perfect smoothie everytime, which is one big reason why I think Blendtech blenders are the best blenders for smoothies.

If you have any questions about Blendtech blender models or Blendtech blender design leave your comments at the bottom of this post page and I will try to answer them. Thank you!

It’s sort of interesting that people actually buy the Blendtech Designer Series blenders which cost anywhere from $$150 to $400 more than the Blendtech Classic Series blenders.

I’ve been a Big fan of Blendtech blenders for a while now, but I don’t see the purpose of buying a Blendtec Designer 625 for $499, or a Blendtec Designer 675 for $579, or a Blendtec Designer 725 for $679, when you can achieve the same results in a Blendtec Total Blender Classic for just $279; furthermore, with a Blendtech payment plan you can drop the cost to $25/month.

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Blendtec Designer Blender Models – $499 – $679 (NEW)

You can buy refurbished and still get the same warranty and a payment plan, refurbished Blendtec Blenders are the way to go, see refurbished deals here.

Blendtec 625 vs Blendtec 675 vs Blendtec 725

The advanced Blendtec designer series blender models have a sleek innovative look which looks great in any kitchen, they have a digital touch screen interface which reads off the the blend and the time left in the blend. The interface controls vary from designer to designer but are similar in comparison. The Blendtec 625 Designer has 4 automatic push buttons and a 6 speed digital touch screen slider for manual control. It’s simple and effective, the higher up you go the more features and speeds you get. The Designer 675 has 5 automatic features and 8 speeds on their touch slider control, and the Blendtec Designer 725 a very responsive 100 speed touch slider control system with 6 automatic push button features for preset blends, and also has the add 10 feature. Depending on if you want more features or less features will determine which designer blender you go with. In addition the more automatic features and speeds, the Blendtec 725 Designer has a rewards program where you can reach achievements for blends and open up rewards with codes which you can redeem through the Blendtec website. This will give you more incentive to blend more, because many of us become lazy after a few blends.

Blendtec Designer Costs and Deals

The Best Deals are with the Blendtec Designer Refurbished Program. You can save a lot of money. The Blendtec Designer 725 costs $679 brand new but you can buy it refurbished for only $549. The Blendtec 625 costs $499 brand new but you can buy it refurbished for only $399. In addition to saving $100 or more you still get a 3 year warranty and a payment plan option. You can choose a Payment Plan during check out and pay as low as $30/month for a Designer blender.

Get Free Shipping on All Blendtec Blenders

Blendtech Refurbished Deals are the Best

  • The Blendtec Classic 575 Series is $419 brand new but comes refurbished for $319, and the Blendtech Total Blender is now only sold refurbished for only $279… CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, GREAT DEAL – That is my choice for you all out there reading this, that’s my favorite one from all the Blendtech Blender models, just so you know, the Total Blender Classic is amazing, you’ll get a 7 year warranty, Free Shipping, and Payment plan if you want one. Can’t beat it. If you want a Designer Series Blendtech blender look into the Blendtec 625, it only costs $499, but you can buy it refurbished for $399.
  • These are your best two deals in my opinion, Blendtec Classic Series Total Blender for $279 or the Blendtec Designer Series Refurbished Blender for $399. You also have the option of the Blendtec Designer 725 Refurbished for $549.99, which is Blendtec’s most advanced Designer blender, and last you have the Blendtec Pro 800 Refurbished for $799.99, which is primarily used for commercial juice shops and smoothie shops.
  • In Addition to being affordable Blendtec blenders all use the same Fourside Jar and Wildside Jar, and New Twister Jar, on all their blender models, which makes it easy to switch blenders and Blendtec jars anytime because the jars can fit onto any Blendtec blender model.
  • You’ll get an 7 year warranty + Free Shipping + Payment Plan Option with any of these purchases.

Blendtech Blender has Best Design 

Tom Dickson has been working on perfecting the Blendtec blenders since the 1970s, and has evolved the company into a leading company which produces top blenders for commercial and home use. Blendtec blenders now rival Vitamix as the number ONE high power blender. You now see more Blendtech blenders at your local juice shops and smoothie shops then you see vita mix blenders.

    • Blendtec excels where most blenders fail. It not only excels in user friendliness, but also in taste, texture, and blend quality.
    • Regular blenders just spin everything around and don’t have the horse power to liquefy all the ingredients thoroughly leaving chunks of nuts, fruits, and greens behind.
    • The ultimate design of the Blendtech liquefies ingredients perfectly every time so you never have to chew your smoothie or juice.
    • By pulling ingredients into the blades Blendtec has set itself apart from most other blender companies, the consistent well-blended consistency that you get for flours, smoothies, juices, soups, etc. is why Blendtec is now sold at Costco. 
    • The digital user-interface allows you to push buttons which have been researched and designed by Blendtec engineers for the best blends. You can push a button and walk away from the machine. There is no guess work involved, the blender will change speeds on it’s own, and stop on it’s own. This is perfect for kids and makes it safe for the whole family to use.
    • Blendtec uses ONE JAR for Hot Dry Wet and Cold Blends. This makes it very easy to clean and store.

Blentec Size and Weight

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  • All Blendtec Designer blenders and Blendtec Classic blenders are 15.5 inches tall and fit conveniently under cabinets.
  • The heavier designer series weight makes them move around less on your counter.

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Blend tech Blades and Jar Design:

  • Blendtec Jar, Blendtec Jars, jar, jars, container, containers, pitcher, pitchers, blade, blades, design, best, BPA Free, blendtec, blendtech, best blender, commercial blender, plastic, wildside jar, fourside jar, blendtec blender, high end blenders, high power blender, blendtec blender jars,The dull blade Square Jar that come with all Blend tech blenders is a unique design which was researched and patented by Blendtec. It forces ingredients in the jar to get pulled into a vortex and forced through the blades cause fantastic consistencies with any blend every time.
  • The blade is welded onto the jar so it works as once piece, the blade is very easy to clean it is a 2 blade design where you can comfortably touch the blade without fear of cutting your fingers.
  • The Fourside jar is 64 ounces with a 3 inch stainless dull blade, where the Wildside jar is a 90 ounce jar with a 4 inch dull blade.
  • You’ll get similar consistencies and textures from both jars with minor differences, but if you want some recommendations, the Four Side Jar is better for ice cream recipes and grinding grains because of the narrow base where the Wild side jar is better for juicing recipes because of the wide base. Smoothies and soups come out the same in both jars.
  • Having both jars is a plus, you can utilize the 64oz jar for flour and dry grains and the wild side jar for smoothies, soups, juices, etc..

Blendtec Blender Blade Speed

dull blade, dull blades, blendtec, blendtech, blendtec blade, blendtec blades, best blender, stainless steel blades,Blendtec offers a versatile speed range for more control. Blentec blenders range in speeds from 4080 RPMs to 28,500RPMs. When running the blender on speed 1, or the lowest speed option, the Blendtec is running at around 4000 RPM. If you crank the Blendtec blender to it’s highest speed, you’ll be running the blender at around 29,000 RPM.

This speed range gives you versatility for grinding thick vs finer textures, producing easily drinkable juices and thicker resort quality smoothies, cooking soups, mixing batters, dressings, and dips, and chopping fruits and vegetables.

Blend tec Interface and Controls:

  • Tom Dickson made it easy for us to use his blenders by putting all the controls on the front interface of the blenders. The Interface controls are push button automatic settings with manual speed and pulse options.
  • Different Blender models comes with different features such as different automatic settings or a different manual control setting, but all work similar.
  • The Blendtec Designer has a slide touch manual control on their interface where you can start the blender at any speed and slide your finger up and down the innovative slider to change speeds.
  • The Blendtec Classic Blender 575 offers a similar style option but it’s a push button manual control system. There are 5 buttons to push which change speeds from low to high.

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Blendtec Designer 725 vs Blendtec Classic 575

Ultimately, the smoothie recipes, juice recipes, ice cream recipes, soup recipes, flours, Salsas, Dips, Batters, Fondues, Syrups, and any recipe you make using any of the Blendtech blenders will come out the same. The blender model you chose to got with will not change the consistency of the blend.

  • The main differences with Blendtec blenders are the different interface settings on the different blender models.
  • The Designer Series which consist of the Blendtec Designer 625, the Blendtec Designer 675, and the Blendtec Designer 725, and are considered Blendtec’s more advanced blender models with advanced smart touch technology including a slide touch interface slider for more control over your blend. It’s a very clean user interface which is kid friendly and looks fantastic in your kitchen.
  • The Sleek Design of the Blendtec Designer blenders will make your kitchen look a little more professional and rich, that’s with out a doubt, but you will pay an extra $100 to $400 for that look and you can achieve the same results with a Classic Series Blendtec blender which you can get for only $279.99
  • The Blendtec Classic Series blender models, which are much more affordable and have the same blending capabilities, consist of the Blendtec 575 and the Blendtec Total Blender Classic.
  • The Classic Series Blendtec blender models use push button technology vs the Blendtec Designer Series Slide Touch technology. The Automatic Buttons work the same, and the manual keys are similar but the Designer has a slightly more responsive control. BUT, for only around $300 you can own a high powered Blendtec Classic blender. vs a Designer Blentec which can cost up to $700.


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Tom, and the Blendtec Team, are always innovating and advancing the Design of Blendtec blenders to better serve the community. The new line up of Blendtec Designer Series and Blendtech Classic Series blenders are absolutely amazing and more advanced then ever.

  • They offer motors which can reach 3.8 horsepower, 1800 watts, 15 amps and have created a jar/blade design to overpower, break down, and liquify any vegetable, fruit, ice, nuts, or seeds, that you put in there.
  • They set the blenders up so you don’t have to think at all, you can push the automatic buttons and the blender will do the work

Blendtech Cleaning and Automatic Features Explained

  • Blendtech Blenders have been stamped as the best blenders to clean by me, which I discovered when comparing Blendtech blenders to other blender models. During an intense cleaning blend off, we compared how easy it was to clean out your blender after a smoothie or nut butter recipe. We used all the top blender brands best blender models such as Vitamix, Nutribullet, Ninja Blender, Omega BL630, and the Harley Pasternak high power blenders.  With it’s simple dull blade light weight square jar design, Blendtech proved itself to be much easier to clean than all the other blender models we tested.

Blendtech Blenders and their easy cleaning features

The Main reason the Blendtech blenders are easy to clean is their blender jars have blades that are dull, make sure you understand that, the Blades cannot cut your fingers, there are NO SHARP EDGES around the blades, they’re completely dull.

  • Blendtec is the first high powered blender to have a dull blade design which allows you to comfortably reach down in and around the blades without fear of cutting your fingers.
  • Every year over 7,000 people go to the hospital for cutting themselves on their blenders because all other companies that I know of have sharp blade designs, so yes, this is, in my opinion, a very important feature about the Blendtec blender which makes it stand out.
  • The dull blade design is on all their blender jars, the Twister Jar, Mini Twister Jar, Blendtec Wildside Jar, and the Blendtec Fourside Jar.

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 Soap and Water Best Cleaning method:

  • For all your Blendtec Recipes and blends you can use soap and water to clean the blender jar. Simply add water and dish soap into the blender jar and let it run on a high speed for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will get rid of most of the gunk and soften up any tough thick gunk so it’s easier to clean out with a sponge.
  • Cleaning your blender jar right away will help get rid of left over smoothie smells.
  • Most of the time the soap and water will take care of all the residue in the jar, then you can simply rinse it under the sink. If there is any left over thick gunk left behind it will be soft enough to reach in with a sponge and quickly get it out.
  • Blendtech blades are welded onto it’s Blender Jar so you can’t remove the Blade from the jar which makes it simple to use and clean because there aren’t any moving parts to dissemble like a juice extractor.
  • 1 Blade and 1 Jar for everything. Makes it easier.Last, the Blendtec blender jars are all stamped by the NSF as Dishwasher safe and they’re are made from Eastman Tritman Co Polyester Material for safe, cancer free, blends. Unlike, heavy duty plastic which most regular blenders use, BPA Free material is much safer and better for the environment, and is also safe to put in the dishwasher.Blendtech Blender Automatic Buttons

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Blendtech Blender Automatic Buttons

A HUGE perk to Blendtech blenders are their simple, push button, automatic features which come on all Blendtech blender models. You are able to quickly add ingredients, push one of the automatic blend cycles, which differ depending on your blender model; then simply walk away from the machine. The blendtech will do all the work for you,  you don’t have to worry about what speed to take it, or when to stop it. You can just push the button and walk away, the Blender speeds up, slows down, and stops all by itself, and the buttons and cycles have been research and designed for the perfect blends.

Blendtech Blender Digital Display
Another advantage Blendtech has is y
ou can visually see how much time is left in the blend by looking on the Blendtech blender digital interface illuminated screen. The Blendtech digital interface, which comes on all Blendtech blender models, shows you the seconds left in the blend as it counts down, and also shows you the blend cycle that you pressed. For example, when you press the smoothie button, the Blend cycle will show up on the screen that reads off “Smoothie” and will have a timer that counts down. The smoothie button counts down from 40 seconds, you can stop it early if you want or you can just let it run it’s cycle.

Blendtech Blender Performance

Blendtec Ice Cream

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  • Blendtec, blendtech, recipe, recipes, blendtec ice cream, blendtec blender, ice cream, ice, cream, ice cream, ice cream recipes, ice cream recipe, blender ice cream, recipes, recipe, blender, blenders, best blender, best blender ice cream, best ice cream recipes, blender for ice cream, smoothie blender, high power blender, commercial blender, high end blenders, blendtec, blendtech, blending, blending ice cream, blended, blended ice cream, designer, classic, blendtec classic, blendtec designer, 725, 625, 575, ice cream recipe, blend, blends,Look for a swirl shape to form at the top of the ice cream, a good strong swirl means the ice cream is ready.
  • Sometimes you can do it in 30 seconds, sometimes you might need to stop the blender and readjust the ingredients, but the fact is, the Blendtec blender pulls the ingredients down and if you place the ingredients in the proper order (Soft to Hard), you shouldn’t have any trouble making your ice cream.
  • The Blendtec ice cream consistency comes out fantastic every time.

Best Ice Cream: In a recent competition between the Blendtec vs Vitamix vs Nutribullet vs Ninja blenders. Blendtec out blended the Vitamix, Nutribullet Rx, and Ninja Blender models for making ice cream. Blendtec was able to blend an ice cream with no help from us. We added in the ingredients and the Blendtec took over. It pulled the ingredients down into the blades, changed speeds a few times, and in 35 seconds, the ice cream was made, furthermore, there was no chunks left behind, it was smoother and better tasting than the ice cream from the Vitamix blender, Nutribullet Rx blender, and Ninja Blender.

Blendtech Juicer machine

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  • You DON’T have to manually figure out speeds or stand around and wait for the juice to be ready, you can walk away, and come back when the blender stops.
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  • 1 cycle is usually enough. The whole Juice button has a run time of 50 seconds which you can watch count down on Blendtech digital interface
  • To make sure it wasn’t just a one hit wonder we tested the Blendtec again against the Harley Pasternak BL1500 blender, and the commercial Omega BL630 and again the Blendtech produced a more liquefied juice.
  • The Blendtec design produces a consistent smooth texture every time and it never leaves chunks behind or seeds in the blend.
  • The biggest benefit with juicing in a Blendtech blender vs a Juice Extractor is that you don’t need to waste the fiber and you get a similar juice which is easy to drink.
  • After running tests with different Blendtec Jars we came to the conclusion that the Blendtec Wildside Jar is better for juicing than the standard jar, it’s able to more easily pull ingredients into the blades and does a more through job of liquefying the ingredients.

Blendtech Smoothies

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  • Blendtech blenders are used by Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Robek’s, Juice it up, Coffee Bean, and Whole Foods, if you see a square looking jar at any of these commercial smoothie shops or juice shops, that means they’re using a Blendtec blender.
  • You will have no trouble going through smoothie ingredients because of the high horse power motor and strong blade design which pulls ingredients into the blades for you, making it easy to make smoothies.
  • The Smoothie button has a 40 second run time and will change several speeds through it’s smoothie cycle.
  • During it’s 40 second cycle the Blendtec blender starts at a slow speed, pulling the ingredients into the blades, then speeds up during the blend, pulsating the blend for the best quality, and stops after the 40 seconds are up. You can watch the cycle count down on the digital display.
  • What you get in the end is a smoothie just like the smoothie shops serve.

Blendtech Soup Recipes

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  • The way the Blendtec is able to heat and cook soup is from the friction of the blades. The large amount of friction caused inside the blender jar from the blades spinning at a high RPM cause the ingredients to get quickly cooked.
  • In our blender vs blender tests, the Blendtec blender was able to heat up the soup from room temperature water, 70 degrees, to 160 degrees in 6 minutes.
  • The highest temperature we we’re able to get the soup was 175 degrees, after that it wasn’t really able to get any hotter no matter how long we ran it.
  • Note’, after 165 degrees, legally, that is considered cooked.
  • The Blentec soup button has a 90 second run time, and stops on it’s own. The longer you run the blender on soup mode, the hotter the soup will become, until it reaches around 175 or 180 degrees.
  • The Soup button is the most powerful automatic cycle on Blendtech blenders, it runs the highest speed for the entire 90 second cycle and causes heat to come off the Blendtec blades.

Blendtech Flour and Grain Mill Grinding Procedures

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When using the Blendtech to grind, make sure the jar is completely dry, moisture could affect the results. Add 1 to 4 cups of any types of grains or seeds you wish to grind down into a powder or flour. Then use your manual speeds, adjust for texture.

  • The higher the speed you go the finer the texture will become, also the longer you run it the finer the texture will become.
  • The design of the Blendtec Blender sucks everything into the blades which allows for these great consistencies.
  • The powerful motor of the Blendtech blender allows it to handle large loads of grains at once. You can fill the jar 3/4 of the way up with grains and the blender will be able to handle it.
  • A big benefit of the Blendtech Jar design is that you don’t need another jar or blade to grind grains. 1 Blade/Jar for everything.
  • Examples of a few flours that you’ll want to grind on higher speeds: Rice = rice flour, spelt berries = spelt flour, wheat berries = wheat flour, oats = oat flour, popcorn kernals = corn flour. You can mix and match.
  • If Grinding Coffee Beans or granulated sugar, or grains that you don’t want milled into a very fine texture, then you’ll want to go lower speeds while grinding them for a short amount of time. For example, coffee beans should be ground on Speed 3 or 4, and the blender should only run around 15 to 20 seconds. Granulated sugar should be ran on higher speeds but for only 15 to 20 seconds.

Blendtech Food Processor

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Blendtec Chopping: Chopping ingredients into little tiny pieces for a Salsa, a Salad, or pasta recipe can be done by using the Pulse feature. You can quickly push the pulse feature and wet chop cabbage and carrots for a raw salad or dry chop onions and parsley for a pasta dish. Dry Chopping is very effective in the Blendtec and you are able to easily scoop out all the little bits of pieces inside the jar because of the easy to reach into, 2 blade design, thanks Tom Dickson.Wet Chopping is also very effective using your Blendtec blender and the ingredients get chopped nicely.


Blendtech Natural Milk Substitutes

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The Blendtech blenders do a great job at getting rid of all that dreaded pulp that you’d usually need to strain out into a nut milk bag, you can drink the milk straight from the jar and have a nice smooth texture. Saves you the time of having to strain it out.

  • Nut milks are made with water, add 1 cup of nuts, (Almonds, Cashews) and 2 to 3 cups of water. The amount of water added will determine your consistency.
  • Run the Blendtech on a higher speed or you can push one of the automatic cycles that run at higher speeds and let the blender do it’s job.
  • Nut Milks in a Blendtec are quick and easy to make and are a great alternative to milk.


Blendtech Mixing

 Blendtec salsa, blendtec salsa button, blendtech, blendtec, blendtec blender, blender, blenders, blend, blends, blending, blended, salsa, salsas, dips, batters, batter, dip, mixing, mix, blendtec, blendtech, blendtec blender, feature, features, cycle, program, cycles, programs, setting, settings, automatic, high end blenders, high power blender, commercial blender, mixing, blendtec mixing, blendtec, blendtech, blendtec mixer, mix, mixer, blendtech, blendtec, blender, blenders, blend, blends, blending, blended, best mixer, blender mixer, best, best blender, high end blenders, high power blender, commercial blender, commercial,You can do ALL YOUR MIXING IN THE JAR.  Another big benefit to blending with a Blendtec is that for mixing your batters, bread doughs, dips, and salsas, not only can a Blendtec blender do a great job, you don’t need to use a mixing bowl, you can mix everything right inside the Blendtec wildside jar or fourside jar.

  • Pancakes anyone? Quickly add your eggs and batter into the Blendtech and push the Mixing Button. It’s so easy.
  • Make all your favorite desserts and baking recipes like brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cakes in Blendtec.

About the Blendtech Mixing Button. Blendtec developed a button for mixing dips, salsa, batters, and bread dough.  It has a run time of 23 seconds, pulsates a lot and uses slower speeds during the blend. It is the shortest blend cycle offered on the Blendtec blenders and it won’t liquefy or over blend your dips or batters or salsa recipes.

  • Another good way to make thick recipes with complete control is by using the Blender Pulse button. The pulse button might work better for salsas so you don’t over blend.

Blendtech Easy to Clean Jar

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Proper Blendtec Cleaning using Soap and Water. The Soap and Water technique works the best for cleaning the Blendtec blender.  After your recipe is done, fill the blender jar with 2 cups of water and a little squeeze of dish soap. Let the soapy water bounce around the jar for around 30 seconds before rinsing the jar out.

  • For normal recipes, smoothies, juices, etc. This technique will get everything out quickly, if you make a thick recipe, such as dips and batters, you’ll need to reach in with a sponge to finish the job.
  • The Dull blade design allows you to easily reach into and around the blades, this blender design is patented and Blendtec is the only blender company that is allowed to sell this type of blender jar.

The Self Clean Button comes on the newer Blendtec blender models. The is a nice feature but also not necessary. Many people like having it on their blender to assure the comfort of their blender being able to clean itself.

  • The Self Clean cycle runs for 30 seconds, and runs on a high speed so that the soapy water can reach the lid. Best way to clean your Blendtec blender is to add 2 to 3 cups of water and some dish soap and push the self clean button, but you can actually push the smoothie or juicing button or the soup button and you will get the same results.


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Blendtech is the Best Blender for Juicing

After running a series of tests, Blendtec was able to out perform and out liquify the Vitamix blender, the NutriBullet blender, the Ninja Blender, the Harley Pasternak Blender, and the Omega BL630 blender for juicing. The Blendtech was extremely easy to use because you can simply push the Automatic  “Whole Juice” button.

All the ingredients inside the jar get pulled into the powerful vortex and all the ingredients go right down the middle of the jar and into the blades and it leaves no chunks behind.

The Dr. Oz Green Juice Recipe, which is very tough for regular blenders to process, got broken down so well in the Blendtec blender jar, that it was like drinking juice from the store or from a juicer, rather than a blender.

The NUMBER ONE major benefit to juicing in a blender is that you get to keep all the fiber, for young people this isn’t as important but when you reach the ages of 50 and 60, getting a strong daily dose of fiber is very important, ask your local nutritionist about blending vs juicing when you’re of older age, they’ll tell you that you need more fiber. 

Blentec blenders replace 8 Appliances in your Kitchen

If you’ve ever sat through an entire demo for one of these blenders then you know that they can chop your vegetables like a food processor, grind your grains into flour like a grain mill, make delicious resort quality margaritas, cook hot soups at the push of a button, make ice cream in less than a minute, liquify your ingredients just as good as a juicer, quickly make your Milk Substitutes, Mix your Batters, Salsas, Dips and bread doughs, and blend up a quick smoothie with the same texture as a smoothie shop.

With a Blendtec blender you won’t need to have all these appliances and gadgets taking up space in your kitchen, you can do everything with 1 machine.

Blendtec Warranty and Blendtec Payment Plan

blendtec, warranty, blendtech, blendtec warranty, blendtec blender, blendtec blenders, blendtec free shipping, free ship, free shipping, warranties, best blender, commercial blender, high end blenders, high power blender,When you purchase a Blendtec you can can be assured that you are getting a good quality product. Blendtec stands behind their blenders by offering an 8 year warranty on the entire unit from top to bottom. The Blade, Jar, Motor, and Interface are all covered under the warranty.  If anything goes wrong with the blender model you buy, you can simply call 1 (800) Blendtec, and they will replace it or repair it for you FOR FREE.  You will have to pay for the shipping to Orem, Utah, which can cost up to $10 to $20 depending on what Zip Code you’re at in America, or Canada.

  • box opening, box, what's in the box, boxes, box openings, blendtec, blendtech, blendtec blender, blender, blenders, classic, designer, blendtec designer, blendtec classic,Blend tech has in house financing for your blender up to 12 months. You can pay in small increments each month until your Blendtech blender is payed off. Best thing of all is you can use your credit card. That’s makes no excuse for you to not have one. You can order a Blendtec blender online right now and have it shipped directly to your door, and your first payment can be as low as $25/month. Click here to order

80% of Blendtec parts are made in America and Blendtec strives to manufacturer and make everything in America and to outsource as little as possible.  Blendtec is located in Orem, Utah, which is where your Blendtec Blenders are shipped from. Tom Dickson, founder of Blendtec and Star of Will it Blend, has manufactured the Blendtec blenders to perfection. With ever new model the Blendtec blenders get better and better.

Blendtec Blender Options available for purchase

In Conclusion,

A Blendtec blender is an all in one kitchen solution which, hands down, makes your life easier. It’s simple to use features and easy to clean blade design make it a win for the whole family. Kids will get a kick out of pushing the smoothie button and you will get a kick out of drinking more green smoothies.

It’s durable warranty and payment plan make it a reliable and affordable appliance and if you’re thinking about buying mixer, food processor, juicer, ice cream maker, soup maker, coffee grinder, or grain mill, you can save all that money and all that space just by buying a Blendtec blender.

Warranty covers the blade, motor, and blender jar for 8 years and Blendtech offers financing for up to 12 months on all their blender models. You can get FREE SHIPPING by clicking this link.

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You get a Cook Book, DVD, and Owners Manual with your blender, and it’s shipped directly to your door. Different color options are available. Tom Dickson, founder of Blendtec has been working on the perfect design for his blenders for years, and he has now perfected high power blending with the Blendtec Designer Series and Blendtec Classic Series blenders.

If you own a commercial Juice Shop you’ll want to buy the Blendtec Professional Series blender models. It is the quietest blender for juice shops and smoothie shops. You can stand right next to the blender while it’s blending on it’s highest speed, and easily have a conversation.

If you have any questions for me, I’d be happy to answer them, just leave your questions and comments at the bottom of this post. I’d love to hear your comments and/or opinions about this review.

Cheers and Happy Blending!

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Frank Musa

After selling blenders at Costco Road Shows for a couple years I realized the power and potential of high power blending. I got a lot of questions at the Costco Road Shows about how the different blenders compare with one another and which blender is the best blender for smoothies and juicing, which blender is best for grinding grains and soup recipes. It’s tough deciding on an big purchase such as a high power blender so I created the Blend Offs to inform and show you, the consumer, exactly what these blenders do and how they compare.


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